“Real” Photoshop for iPad . . . With Layers

One of the coolest things at the Photoshop World 2011 Keynote this morning was the unveiling of the Photoshop for iPad tech that Adobe is working on.  While the recent upgrades for Photoshop Express on iOS adds some horsepower to the app, the stuff that Adobe has in the pipeline for tablet devices looks pretty sick.

We were treated to a live demo of this future app on the iPad.  I’ll have a couple little video clips up later, but for now I have a few screen shots to share.

The top image shows a layer animation feature, which gives you a quick peek at what’s going on with your photo.  You can see some of the menus and other interactions in the images below.  No word on when this is going to be available though.



  1. David says

    I’m very excited about this. While I doubt I’ll ever spend a lot of time doing serious retouching work on the iPad, it would be nice to fix skin blemishes, red eye, whiten teeth, and generally just quickly improve an image.

    I really hope they can find a way to round-trip the changes so they sync back to the cloud, my computer, etc.

    • says

      I think that’s a reasonable expectation David.

      One of the things that John Loiacono was talking about was syncing settings/colors between your iPad app and your computer’s Photoshop app. I’ve got some more video that shows off more of the tech, which I hope to have up in a day or two.

  2. says

    I’m looking forward to seeing this come out when it does, hopefully the price tag will be within reason (under $20). The sooner we get the big publishers to develop iPad versions of their apps, the sooner the defiant and stragglers will get on board with the program and develop (I’m talking about you, Microsoft Office).

    I know this is more of a photoshop article, but did they mention anything about other CS apps for the iPad? Perhaps Dreamweaver?

  3. M.F. says

    I think Photoshop is something I’d rather get into back at base where I have a calibrated monitor, a 2nd monitor for my Panels and a big comfy chair.

    I’d really like Lightroom for iPad. In the field that would be useful.

    If Adobe sort PS at a reasonable price, I’m sure I’ll have it.

  4. Marshall says

    For photographers PS on the iPad might not be a good idea, but for artist WOW. Painting in the field without to


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