Photoshop for iPad Live Demo

Here’s the promised live demo of the killer new iPad Photoshop app that debuted today at Photoshop World. Again, this is still in development with no set release date yet.

Check it out, complete with the awesome layers animation, below.

[Update: Here’s a link to the YouTube version of the video for all the iPad users complaining about not being able to see it.]



  1. fjpoblam says

    Very nice, but I wonder (knowing that it’s an Adobe product) which of my arms and which of mi esposa’s legs it’ll cost.

    • stefano says

      Why not? I think it’s a great idea especially for all the digital artist or graphic designer that show this to his clients!!! :)

    • aromedia says

      Silly you! Writers and musicians can create content creation on the ipad or any tablet…

  2. Lew says

    New Photoshop for iPad with layers and cool animations – $$$

    Using Photoshop with all the precision of a 50 pixel cursor – priceless!

  3. Dude says

    The layers are awesome.
    Looks like they took the PowerPoint for Mac layer visuals (3D like this) and threw them on the iPad. Very cool.

    • olearymo says

      It’s also ironic that you didn’t spell his name properly.

      Compound Irony!


    • uhmorphous says

      Perhaps you should look up the definition. While you’re at it, look up the definition of moron. It’s not too many letters. You can do it.

  4. No Name says

    If this is a Flash video then it can’t be viewed on an iPad or an iPhone.

    Come on TUAW.

  5. Michael says

    @Anthony: Definitely for people that don’t use PS.

    All they demoed was layers and erasing. That’s less than 1/10 of what PS is capable of. Why would I spend more money on a product that can do less than what I already spent hundreds of dollars on?

    Adobe, you’re silly and kinda greedy at times.

  6. Aleister says

    Lol, what’s the point in showing an iPad app demo, in a video that you can’t watch on the iPad.


  7. says

    What the iPad really needs with Photoshop is RAW editing… I wanna connect my iPad to my camera, shoot RAW and edit right then and there. I know that’s what a laptop is for, but for those who can’t afford one but have an iPad, it would be perfect.