Sony A77 Announcement in July, Shipping October?

More word of the Sony A700-replacement is trickling out.  This time, SonyAlphaRumors cites “trusted sources” that confirm a July announcement for the Sony A77 translucent mirror camera and an October 6, 2011 ship date for the camera.

While none of this is set in stone, it correlates with earlier statements from Sony that we’ll get a Summer 2011 announcement for the camera.  Additionally, previous info from Sony indicates that the A77 (if that is in fact the new camera’ s name) is expected to be released alongside a new kit lens and prosumer-grade speedlight.

To reiterate previously-known facts (i.e., direct info from Sony) about the A77:

  • It won’t be a traditional DSLR.  Instead, it will feature Sony’s new translucent mirror technology for rapid autofocus with live view display.
  • It will be an APS-C format camera like its predecessor, and will feature Sony’s Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor.
  • It will offer AVCHD video capture, along with full-time autofocus using the fast and accurate phase difference method.


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      I would guess in the $1200 to $1400 range with a lens. Note that this is speculation on my part. Given it’s position and feature set, I think this is a pretty fair price point though.