“EPIC is just the beginning…” -RED

Jim Jannard dropped a random “update” post in RED’s news feed today.  In it, he spoke about the future of RED and the harsh criticism sometimes tossed at the company.

In the beginning, some said that RED was a scam. Now some say that RED is a one trick wonder. I have said that “the 1st is the worst”.

So which is it? Is RED likely to last?

I guess this post is to say that we have more in development than we know what to do with. Our sensor program (the heart of a camera company) is way beyond my wildest expectations. We have stuff in the works that would scare you. I am shocked. Every day I wake up, the realities of what we dreamed are becoming a reality… and more. It is pretty surreal. EPIC (a nuclear reactor in a matchbox) is just the beginning. Hard to believe… but true.

Obsolescence obsolete. All the things we are doing forward work with what we are doing now. That was the concept. That is real today.

I thought I saw the future in 2005 when the decision to build the RED ONE was conceived. I also thought that was a big plan. While I guess it was… I see a much more advanced future now. Stay tuned. We have just warmed up the engine.


Want more proof that RED’s onto something?

EPICs and RED ONE MX are being used on:

The Hobbit- 3D EPIC
Spiderman- 3D EPIC
Contagion- RED ONE MX & EPIC
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- RED ONE MX & EPIC
Clash of the Titans 2- 3D EPIC
Underworld 4- 3D EPIC
Ridley Scott Un-named- 3D EPIC
Jack the Giant Killer- 3D EPIC
Un-named biggie #1 (another huge budget studio movie) announced soon- 3D EPIC
Un-named biggie #2 (another big budget studio movie) announced soon- 3D EPIC
Un-named biggie #3 (another big budget studio movie) announced soon- 3D EPIC

[via RED Press and REDUser.net]



  1. Jeremy D. says

    “obsolescence obsolete?” come on Jim. even if that were possible, it would make the technology world really boring.

  2. Ashley Groome says

    Please don’t take offense, but – When reading this material, it would be really helpful to know what the hell the writer is actually talking about. What is Epic? what is RED and why should I (or anyone else) care.