Sony Announces Faster SD Cards, Continues Using Canon DSLRs for Product Shots

Sony has announced a broader range of SD cards with capacities up to 32GB and top transfer speeds of 20MB/s.

“There’s now a choice of three SDHC card ranges by Sony. The perfect partner for your Cyber-shot™, Handycam®, α NEX or DSLR camera, they’re also a great match for SD/SDHC-compatible cameras, camcorders and devices from all manufacturers. The affordable ESSENTIAL Series and value-added EXPERIENCE Series are joined by the flagship EXPERT Series for photo users who demand class-leading capacity and transfer speeds.”  -Sony Press Release

Sony also continues the trend of hiring out Canon shooters for its official product shots, with the top photo captured by the Canon 1Ds Mark III.

I realize that Sony is hiring a photographer, but it’s also trying to be a serious player amongst serious photographers.  I never see Canon and Nikon using product shots captured by the other companies’ DSLRs.  Occasionally, a Phase One MF camera will be used by Canon, Nikon or Sony for product shots, which is understandable for high-res product shots since the cap is at 21-25MP for DSLRs right now.  However, Canon’s product shots are otherwise captured with a 1Ds Mark III or a 5D Mark II, while Nikon product shots are generally captured with the D3x.

Sony’s got two 25MP DSLRs on the market.  And, I know I’ve ranted about this before, but isn’t it time for Sony to eat its own dog food?




  1. Anonymous says

    Both Canon nd Nikon have had marketing pictures shot with the other firm’s camera. you should lurk moar

  2. says

    If Sony isn’t enforcing their hired pro’s to use their gear, then what message is that sending to pro photographers and product review sites?

    Tisk tisk.

  3. says

    Well, it is very simple. Sony needs to hire professional product photographer to take product shots. All professional photographers right now use either Canon or Nikon. Hence the dilemma. Also, I don’t think Sony is actually doing the hiring. They probably contract the work out to an agency and the agency hires the photographers.

  4. frank j. says

    Let’s say Ford had a new radio to demo. Would they allow the advertising firm to use a GM car? Please. The Sony boss should be firing people.

  5. Jim Wilmer says

    I agree with you, Eric. Sony should be eating its own dog food. I think that Sony alpha 850 and 900 DSLR cameras could produce a better image, as shown above, than the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III. I’ve got to imagine that Sony worldwide has at least one professional photographer to handle product photos and that photographer uses Sony cameras and lenses.

  6. Daniel says

    That’s normal to have an advertising agency to sub-contract the actual photographing work to another party. I think Sony is being a gentleman by not enforcing a standard to their clients…you must understand, the founder of Sony is not Bill Gates! LOL!!