1. Cole says

    Yes, this is a pretty piece of video and the photographer has a sense of humor. What is most funny of all is a still photographer with a video camera – it turns out looking just like a slide show comprised of a collection of stills.
    There is no real movement here – no kids running or jumping; no deer bounding through the redwoods – anyway, as pretty as this slide show is, I don’t get a sense of how the video aspect of the camera captures movement. Also there is no zooming and little panning. So, “Test Video to End All Test Videos”is either a gross exaggeration or Mr. Reagan is also isolated in the world of still photography. No harm done, just some over-hype..

  2. Cole says

    Yea, again, funny captioning, but do you see what is being said about the videography itself? I’ve done the very same thing the first time I recorded video. It was a series of well-composed, well-lit stills. The beauty and uniqueness of video, especially compared to stills is it’s ability to actually MOVE. I don’t mean to be critical of you personally Eric, and you did go over the top in your titling…..

  3. says

    Looks like this guy has seen Baraka a few times! The video looks great. Looks like it has very little noise, which is awesome.