The Hidden Dangers of Camera Backpacks

See, if you opt for the waist pack it lowers your center of gravity, thus helping to maintain your balance.

On a serious note, I hope that she and her Canon L lenses were ok.

At least she wasn’t this poor guy…

[via DigitalRev]



  1. Tom says

    This poor women falls down and is having difficulty in getting up and disgustingly, the two obviously “important ” guys do not stop to help, they give her a cursory glance and ignore her plight . It reflects poorly on their lack of compassion for another human being.

  2. Jim Wilmer says

    I don’t see these videos as evidence that camera backpacks had anything at all to do with the falls. The photographer in the first video failed to position himself/herself properly for the series of shots and was running to catch up with fast walkers. In the second video the photographer failed to preview his surroundings in the church and adjust accordingly. The more interesting story in the first video would have been how the backpack protected the equipment inside compared to the hand-held camera that hit the concrete, and whether the 2 sealed cameras and lenses in the second video really did their jobs as advertised. Otherwise these are just America’s Favorite Video moments–getting a laugh out of someone’s misfortune.

    • says

      Wow Jim. You really sucked the fun out of that one for me.

      I guess my headline wasn’t quite as witty/funny as I originally thought. Back to the drawing board I suppose…