Canon vs. Nikon Debate Turns Violent at Wedding

These guys were apparently shooting a wedding when something went very, very wrong.

Since they are apparently speaking Russian, I can only speculate as to the source of the disagreement; however, I’m pretty sure it originated with a derogatory comment from the Nikon D700 user about the Canon 5D Mark II user’s autofocusing capabilities.

Save that stuff for the forums guys.

[via DigitalRev]



  1. IR says

    They are indeed speaking Russian but nothing was said at all about any equipment, neither Canon nor Nikon. :-) The camera cuts directly tot he guys already fighting.

  2. garry says

    Hi, i’m Russian. They do not argue at all. Two cameras went down – Panasonic NV-MD9000. Looks like just some passer-by tried to teach camera. But why second cameraman would throw the camera is a question.

  3. Vlad says

    Nothing to translate guys, no reason was said, people from around just wondering about what happen and why. My heart was clump when the broke expensive stuff :)

  4. says

    this seems to be a fake show
    i saw this film 3-4 times
    there all three guys, against each other, 2 have the same t-shirt … it is a ”show” made for internet …

  5. Falk says

    Yes, it’s true about the “show”. Actualy these guys are friends. They had old equipment but wanted to get rid in funny way. Besides this was a good idea to make promo or kinda advert themselves.
    Sorry for my bad English

  6. Daniel says

    emil remus: Of course 2 wears the same t-shirt because they’re from the same photography company which was supposed to shoot the wedding event. During any wedding we can always see a bunch of guys wearing the same (normally black) t-shirt…and holding a camera each.

  7. says

    The episode has a lesson for those who want an anwswer to the question – who wins the Canon vs Nikon battle. The real answer is neither. They are both excellent – top of the line cameras with qualities and features that appeal subjectively to different photographers and hence even out. If people spent more time to think about and “see” photographic images in their minds and less time trying to rank Nikon or Canon they will shoot better photographs. Some of the best photographs have been shot by simple “point and shoot” cameras. Thye have also been shot by very expensive and unaffordable-for-most ones like the Leica or the Haselblad, Linhoff or Sinar. Photographs aren’t created in the camera but in our hearts and heads, IMHO.

  8. Duke Sekhon says

    Well, that’s one way of settling an issue if at all at the end of it you are much the wiser for it and also realise the folly of settling contentious issues at great expense to yourself and giving or receiving a bloody nose to boot to the boos and sarcastic cheers of the onlookers.

  9. says

    I think this was disgusting and should be removed. It is not funny, irrespective of whether or not it is a fake. It can only encourage stupid behavior in others and it cheapens this web site to have such content!

  10. Kelly says

    OMG! I’d bet the crap outta anyone who threw MY camera…No matter what brand….I’m a Canon lover myself by the way.

  11. Kevin says

    To hell with the fight did you guys notice the female at the beginning in the blue mini dress!