Panasonic G2 and G10 ISO and Noise Compared to Canon Rebel T2i

The Panasonic G2 and G10 are the latest and greatest Micro Four Thirds cameras from Panasonic.  They both feature a 12.1MP Live MOS image sensor and come packaged with a 14-42mm kit lens.  In short, I’ve been quite impressed with these two cameras during my review thus far.  It seems to me that Panasonic is a step or two ahead over the other players in the mirrorless camera market right now.

As part of my upcoming review of the Panasonic G2 and G10, I decided to pit them against the Canon Rebel T2i to see how the noise control holds up.  In order to do so, I put the cameras on a tripod and captured a number of images of the same scene at various ISO settings.  I left the cameras in their default settings for noise control and such.  I also left the cameras in auto white balance to demonstrate the cameras’ different interpretation of white under tungsten lights.  Exposure times and aperture settings were the same across all cameras.

Below is a full view of the captured scene to give you an idea of what you are looking at in the close-up crops further down.

Panasonic G2 and G10 ISO Comparison to Canon Rebel T2i

Since the G10 and G2 only go up to ISO 6400, I placed those crops next to the Canon Rebel T2i at ISO 12800 again for comparison purposes.

Feel free to download any of these sample images for your personal inspection (not for republication).  You can download the full size images by right-clicking on the images below and choosing “Save link as…”

Panasonic G2 ISO 100Panasonic G10 ISO 100Canon Rebel T2i ISO 100
Panasonic G2 ISO 200Panasonic G10 ISO 200Canon Rebel T2i ISO 200
Panasonic G2 ISO 400Panasonic G10 ISO 400Canon Rebel T2i ISO 400
Panasonic G2 ISO 800Panasonic G10 ISO 800Canon Rebel T2i ISO 800
Panasonic G2 ISO 1600Panasonic G10 ISO 1600Canon Rebel T2i ISO 1600
Panasonic G2 ISO 3200Panasonic G10 ISO 3200Canon Rebel T2i ISO 3200
Panasonic G2 ISO 6400Panasonic G10 ISO 6400Canon Rebel T2i ISO 6400
Canon Rebel T2i ISO 12800

Expect more on the Panasonic G2 and G10 in a full review soon.

The Panasonic G2, G10 and Canon Rebel T2i are available from B&H Photo at the following links:

Panasonic G2 at B&H Photo

Panasonic G10 at B&H Photo

Canon Rebel T2i at B&H Photo

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  1. Don Schwartz says

    Hi Eric, I am a pitching coach. I need a good frames per second camera with telephoto. Video can be in bursts. I have Canon lenses from other equipment but it seems Canon is not the way to go. Can you recommend anything?

  2. Scott says

    Really want to know if the G2/G10 are an image quality upgrade from the G1, or just additional bells and whistles. Could you compare them?

    Also: in your samples, the Panasonics look significantly sharper than the Rebel. Would the Rebel be better with a different lens?

  3. Pete says

    This review would be more useful if the images were of the same magnification in terms of the actual object. The t2i will produce a higher resolution image so comparing at one-to-one pixel would not be an accurate comparison.

    • says

      @Pete – Thanks for the comment. I’ve tried that before and was accused of being everything from a fanboy to a heretic, which is why I went back to the pixel vs. pixel comparison. I’m inclined to agree with you though.

      At any rate, I’ve included the original files, so you can compare them at the same magnification or even make the same sized prints.