Sony Alpha DSLR Update (dare I say A700 replacement) Imminent?

Sony A700 Replacement

All signs are pointing toward a release of Sony’s hyped-up HDSLRs . . . soon.

Given that the Sony A550 is discontinued in Japan, the A700 is old as dirt in DSLR years, and that Photokina 2010 is just around the corner, these cameras are due to drop any day.

Recall that we first laid eyes on the Sony entry-level and prosumer HDSLRs back in February at PMA (also some peeks of the in the Sony Booth Tour).  Owners of the A700 and other lower-end models looking to upgrade have been holding their collective breath for months (years?) for an A700-refresh.

The time draweth nigh for ye faithful.  The A700 replacement should be just around the corner.

Stay tuned.



  1. says

    Well this makes me glad I didn’t wait for the A700 replacement……over a year a half ago!

    (sure did love it’s grip though)

  2. Chris says

    I am waiting patiently for this news. If I cannot get my hands on an A700 replacement before Christmas, I will be switching lock, stock, and barrel to Nikon gear. I am tired of being shown-up by my brother and by my own son, both Nikon guys.