Sony Booth Tour at PMA 2010

Sony Booth Tour at PMA 2010

Can’t make it to PMA 2010 to check out the new Sony DSLRs and Cyber-shot cameras?  That’s ok.  In the condensed 10-minute video below, you can see what Sony had on display at PMA.

Here’s a list of the cameras featured in the above tour:

Sony Alpha Ultra-compact Interchangeable Lens Camera
Sony Alpha DSLR AVCHD Concepts Models
Sony Cyber-shot TX5 Waterproof Camera
Sony Cyber-shot H55
Sony Cyber-shot W370
Sony Cyber-shot W350
Sony Cyber-shot W330
Sony Cyber-shot W310
Sony Cyber-shot S2100
Sony Cyber-shot TX7 10.2MP CMOS AVCHD Camera
Sony Alpha DSLR A330
Sony Alpha DSLR A380
Sony Alpha DSLR A850
Sony Alpha DSLR A900
Sony Alpha DSLR A500
Sony Alpha DSLR A550

Somehow, I managed to miss the Sony Cyber-shot HX5V; however, you can find my hands-on review from CES 2010 by clicking here.

I cut out the video cameras, printing kiosks and the presentation stage (which was cool and featured some great speakers).  Even with those cut out, it was tough getting a half hour of footage down to a reasonable length.  Needless to say, Sony had a lot going on at PMA 2010.