Fuji XP10 Review

The Fuji XP10 is a 12 megapixel, ruggedized point and shoot camera that Fuji calls “Four-Proof” – waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and dustproof.  To see whether this affordable, pool-loving camera delivers on functionality and image quality, read on.

Fuji XP10 Key Features

  • 12 MP
  • 5x Optical Zoom (36-180mm equivalent)
  • 720p HD Video Capture
  • 2.7″ LCD
  • Waterproof to 10 Feet
  • Shockproof up to 3 Foot Drops
  • Freezeproof down to 14-degrees Farenheit

Fuji XP10 Handling, Ergonomics and Control

The XP10 does a good job of living up to the category of a “compact” camera.  It is quite the small camera all the way around.  As a result, you should have little problem fitting the camera into most pockets.

The button and control layout is rather simple; however, the waterproof nature of the camera makes those buttons a little cumbersome.  Obviously, Fuji had to make some design modifications to accommodate the water sealing of the camera.  As a result, several of the buttons are rubberized and the obvious seals on all of the buttons make them a little more difficult to press.  I suppose the best way to describe it is that they feel a little “spongy.”

Nonetheless, once you get used to the controls, the camera is rather easy to operate.  The menu navigation works well, giving you a basic and intuitive menu system for changing camera settings and options.

The 2.7″ screen, while nice, is underwhelming in today’s world of high resolution 3″ displays.  Again, I suspect this is a compromise of both the rugged design and desire to keep it priced in the right market.

The one feature that the XP10 offers, which isn’t quite found on all budget-oriented cameras, is a one-touch record button for shooting video.  See the little video camera button on the bottom-right of the camera?  Hit that and you are shooting 720p video instantly.  This makes it easy to switch between stills and video while you are at the pool, snorkeling, or doing whatever in the water.  Big kudos to Fuji for including that feature.

Fuji XP10 Image Quality

The Fuji XP10 underwhelms in the image quality department; however, most casual users will find that it satisfies for a budget-oriented camera.

As with most point and shoot cameras you’re going to want to keep images at as low of an ISO as possible.  But you should still be ok for 4×6 prints if you keep it under ISO 800.

Below are a handful of images captured with the Fuji XP10.  Feel free to download any of these sample images for your personal inspection (not for republication).  You can get the original files by right-clicking on any of the images and choosing “Save link as…”

ISO 100

ISO 200

ISO 400

ISO 800

ISO 1600

Fuji XP10 Accessories

Fuji NP-45 Battery – The XP10 comes with one of these rechargeable lithium-ion batteries; however, if you’re going to be away from power for an extended period, you can pick up spares.

Memory cards – I’ve used the basic Kingston SD cards in the XP10, which worked just fine. No need to go all out on fast memory cards with the XP10. Cheap cards from reputable brands will work just fine. The XP10 is compatible with all SD and SDHC cards – but not SDXC cards.

Memory card reader – If you don’t own a memory card reader, they make transferring images to your computer a world faster. I highly recommend picking one up with the XP10. They’re cheap and big time saver. Lexar makes a good card reader for about $15.


Given its budget-oriented price tag, the XP10 will suit the needs of casual shooters who need to get a little wet now and then – or, those who are just rough with cameras.  If you’re a swimmer, kayaker, white water rafter or other water sports enthusiast, the XP10 would be a nice little camera to have around to help you capture some of those shots that you would otherwise miss.

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