Nikon P100 Video Sample at 240 fps

The above video was shot with a Nikon P100 at its highest video frame rate of 240 fps, which provides the cool slow motion effect.  The apparent spontaneous exploding orange and water jug were courtesy of the impact from a 55 grain hollow point .223 caliber bullet traveling at approximately 3000 feet per second.  Even the 240 fps frame rate is not fast enough to capture something traveling that fast.

The video is a little soft due to the lower resolution of the 240 fps shooting mode.  At this frame rate, it’s capturing video at 320 x 240 resolution.  If you back it down to 120 fps though, you can get VGA 640 x 480 quality out of it.

Regardless, there is a lot of fun to be had with the P100’s high speed video.  Next stop is the driving range with some golfing friends.

I’ll have more on the P100 soon.  For now, check out the previous Nikon P100 Hands-On Review, which has some more high speed video samples.



  1. alvin says

    you should have used a slower .45ACP, 230gr at 180 m/s ..and a Phantom to do that ! :) seriously, nice series ! thanks

  2. Sky says

    Nothing great here – Casio could do this for a long long time now + it can go up to 1200 fps if you lower the resolution, which is AMAZING feature! Nikon can’t compare anyhow to this.

  3. says

    Eric –

    What’s the best deal going on the market right now if you want both 1080p AND a framerate sufficient to slow down the action? (And by the way, what framerate would you need to look for as a ‘benchmark’ for slo-mo?)


    • says

      @Zach – I think the Nikon P100 and Fuji HS10 are the two 1080p cameras with high frame rates that sort of set themselves apart from the rest right now.

      120 fps will give you a pretty cool slo-mo effect. As far as affordable point and shoot cameras are concerned, I think that 120 fps is about the best frame rate that we can get for VGA-quality video right now. All of the cameras capturing at 240 fps are around 400 px or lower on the wide end.

      Here’s a 120 fps sample shot with the Casio FH100:

      The highest frame rate you can get on the P100 is 240 fps. However, some of the Casio cameras, as well as the new Fuji HS10 offer capture rates up to 1000 fps, albeit at very low resolutions.

  4. Paulo Silva says

    Nice video.
    Witch editing software do you use?
    I only find software that only accept 60fps!