Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Version 2.0.4 Available

Canon 5D Mark II

After posting firmware version 2.0.3 earlier this week, a problem with the 5D Mark II video recording capabilities was apparent.  As a result, Canon has posted firmware version 2.0.4 for the 5D Mark II, which aims to address that issue.

Release notes on the new firmware are as follows:

“There was a phenomenon in which the manual recording settings made in C1/C2/C3 were changed and sound could not be recorded if manual sound recording was used in the C1/C2/C3 settings and the camera was subsequently turned off (or if Auto Power Off was activated). This does not occur in modes other than C1/C2/C3.”

The firmware still includes the video recording enhancements made available via version 2.0.3.

To download the latest firmware version 2.0.4, visit Canon’s website.

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  1. Peter Davies says

    Can I upload Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Version 2.0.4 if i have Versions 1.1.0 & 1.0.7 (I have two bodies)? Or do have to upload all the versions in between first?

    • says

      @Peter – You can upgrade to version 2.0.4 from any prior version. There’s no need to install other versions in between. Just follow the installation instructions on Canon’s site. It’s a pretty straightforward process.