Sony Alpha Compact APS HD Camera Unveiled at PMA 2010

Sony Alpha Compact APS HD Camera

Today at PMA 2010, Sony unveiled plans for a new Alpha mount APS format camera featuring a mirrorless body.  The new camera looks and operates much like the Olympus E-PL1; however, Sony is quick to point out that the APS format sensor is significantly larger than the Micro Four Thirds sensor.

Sony Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor

While touting the advantage in sensor size over the Micro Four Thirds systems, Sony failed to mention a direct competitor in the mirrorless market, the Samsung NX10, which also features an APS format sensor.  Still yet, the Sony camera will have a leg up for some consumers due to the smaller and sleaker form factor of it, as compared to the DSLR-like form factor the NX10.

Sony plans on releasing the ultra-compact interchangeable lens camera later this year.  The new camera will be compatible with all Alpha mount lenses.  Additionally, Sony will release smaller, lightweight lenses to accompany the new compact APS camera in order to capitalize on the reduction in size and weight.

Sony Alpha Compact APS HD Camera

The new compact interchangeable lens cameras from Sony will be available in a variety of colors.  On display at PMA 2010 were bodies in red, silver and blue.

Sony Alpha Compact APS HD Camera

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    Aaaaarghhh! Why didn’t they announce this earlier? Damn, I just bought an E-P2…. the new Sony has got me salivating on the fact that it’s compatible with all my Minolta glass