Seagate / O’Neill Contest Winners

There were some solid finalists for the Seagate / O’Neill Contest that ran last month.  After choosing the finalists, I left the task of choosing the winners in the hands of photographers, Rich Legg and Nicole Young.

So, here’s the winners:

First Place

Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines by Larry Rosenstein

Second Place

Juvenile Stone crab ( Menippe mercenaria )

Juvenile Stone crab ( Menippe mercenaria ) by Andrea Westmoreland

Third Place

untitled by aaron young

A big thanks to everyone that took the time to enter the contest.

Additionally, I’d like to thank Seagate and O’Neill for sponsoring the contest with the nice prize packs, including O’Neill surf wear and Seagate Go Drives.  Find out more about Seagate Go Drives and O’Neill Surf Wear via the following links:

Seagate Go Drives

O’Neill Surf Wear

Finally, thanks to Rich Legg and Nicole Young for judging the contest.  You can learn more about Rich and Nicole via the following links: