Vincent Laforet’s Nocturne Finally Gets Nod from Canon for Release + Behind the Scenes Footage

Vincent Laforet dropped his short film ‘Nocturne‘ on the scene almost immediately after the Canon 1D Mark IV was announced back in October. The video created a huge amount of buzz in the photography and film making communities in large part because it was shot under available light in the dead of night at ISO 6400.

Then, inexplicably, Canon pulled the plug on the video. 

Laforet remained high brow about the video being pulled, while the rest of us scratched our heads and wondered how Canon could screw something up so colossally bad.  Maybe Canon has a great plan that will come together and prove to be a marketing masterpiece – and perhaps that will work together with its absence from PMA 2010.  We’ll see…

In the mean time, it’s nice to see Laforet’s latest work back online with unrestricted access.  Additionally, Laforet has unleashed his short behind the scenes video from the Nocturne set.  It’s short, but it’s still sweet.  Check it out below.

Additional links:

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Direct Download for 1080p Version (right click and “Save as…”)



  1. chuck says

    I’m confused. What right does Canon have to stop (or even request) anyone from posting a video? They just make the camera. They don’t own everything shot with it. I have a Canon, and I’ll post any content I produce with it (if it’s legal).. Is Vincent paid by Canon to produce samples using Canon equipment? That would explain things.