Reader Question: Should I Buy a Rebel T1i or Wait For a Canon Rebel With a Swivel LCD?

Photography Bay reader, Alan, wants a Canon DSLR, but also likes the swivel LCD found on other cameras.

Alan’s Question: I am looking at upgrading to a DSLR and have come to the conclusion that Canon is my preferred choice (namely the 500D). However I really am taken by the swivel Nikon D5000‘s LCD flip down swivel screen. Not only does it fold up back wards to proteck the screen it also offers excellent viewing of screen at strange angles. SO my question is does any one know of any rumors if future Canon models with this swivel screen feature.

My Answer: There’s certainly been speculation regarding a swivel LCD on Canon DSLRs.  A few months back, Canon asked about the importance of this feature in an EOS customer survey.  I think Canon is definitely thinking about it.  I also think it’s very possible that it could be a feature in the next Rebel model.  Would I bet money on that?  No.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it.

The Canon 500D / Rebel T1i is a great camera, which can be had at a very reasonable price now.  If you really want a DSLR, there’s always a reason to wait for the next model.  Most of those reasons, however, are not justified in my opinion.

I’ve used the the T1i and the D5000 both.  I don’t think a swivel LCD changes the way I shoot anything but video.  And if you want the camera for video, for most people there are better solutions than a DSLR.  If you want a still image camera, I’d say jump on the T1i and don’t worry about the lack of a swivel LCD.  Just my two cents.

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Do you have advice for Alan, or maybe some unique knowledge about whether Canon will be plugging a swivel LCD in the next Rebel?  Leave a comment below.  We would love to hear from you.



  1. PixelMinded says

    In emails that I exchanged recently with Canon USA about a “flexible” preview solution, they said that “[their] management is aware [of the issue]” (that some people want built-in articulated screens)! They also told me that they cannot recommend any 3rd party portable external screen (these are not intended for the purpose of DSLR live-view, so there can often be compatibility issues, like the preview image appearing too small on the external screen with no way to enlarge it from the camera or the screen). In theory an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) loaded with Canon’s remote shooting software may work as a portable means of flexible preview, but UMPC’s are still new concept that costs a lot. I also read about tethered shooting using one of Epson’s photo viewers (P3000-P7000 series). Canon has their own photo viewers (called M30 & M80), I asked them in the emails if these can be made to work for previewing (in Live View mode), I got no comment, I guess it could be done by firmware if they wanted.

  2. Sam says

    I have a related question: I am looking at upgrading to a DSLR and have come to the conclusion that Nikon is my preferred choice (namely the D5000). However I really hate the Nikon D5000’s LCD flip down swivel screen. Not only does it have a much lower resolution than Canon’s 500D screen, but it is also very likely to break off sooner or later. SO my question is does any one know of any rumors of future Nikon D5000 replacement model without this swivel screen feature?

  3. no-use=no-problem says

    If you don’t like swivel screens, simply leave yours on the traditional position all the time and then it’s not likely to break anymore than a fixed screen.

  4. Sam says

    Will it also grow in size and resolution to match 3″ 920,000 pixels Canon 500D screen? Also, when my kid uses it, do you think “it’s not likely to break anymore than a fixed screen” as well?