Nikon Next-Gen Rumors: D4 and D800

As we saw with the announcement of the Nikon D3s, it looks like Nikon intends to squeeze as much as possible out of that 12.1-megapixel FX format sensor . . . for good reason though, it’s an awesome sensor that has been producing great images for over 2 years now.

Rumors of succeeding models to the popular D3 (which saw a recent refresh with the D3s) and D700 bodies have been floating around for several months.  Rumors of the D800 or a D700x seemed to gain momentum after Nikon announced the top-end D3x.  Many expected to see a high-megapixel equivalent of the D700, which came roughly 9 months after after the D3.  Since its introduction, the D700 has been characterized as sort of a “Nikon D3, Jr.”

With the next camera-release cycle just around the corner (first-quarter 2010), it should be no surprise that rumors of Nikon’s next-generation DSLRs are on the rise.  I use the term “next-gen” because the rumors suggest that the 12.1-megapixel workhorse sensor may be left behind in favor of a higher resolution sensor in the next FX-format DSLR from Nikon.  Additionally, there’s also plenty of talk that this next-gen FX series will finally challenge Canon’s 1080p resolution and other video features in its recent DSLR lineup.  While many photographers could care less about video capabilities in DSLRs, there’s no doubt that video is becoming more and more popular as a crucial feature in DSLRs.

To start with, another “Nikon rep” quote came in a comment on a previous Nikon D800 post here.

I quized a Nikon rep today he confirmed the D800 is coming but the release date won’t be till Feb March 2010

That would certainly coincide with a PMA 2010 announcement if this rumor is right.  Also, that would be a bit under 2 years since the release of the D700.

Next up, Nikon Rumors pulls from a foreign forum reports of a pre-production 18-megapixel D4 in field testing.

D4 is already under primary field trial .FF sensor with 18 million pixels, Full HD-quality video as in Canon.

Frame Rate Of 10 images per second, 102,400 Asa quality similar to what today is Asa 25,600 in Nikon D3S. Improving the quality of the existing D3s by two stops.

Most important information: a completely new Autofocus sensor that will enable outstanding autofocus performance.

Note, however, that several commenters on the Nikon Rumors post have called into question the reliability of the forum poster in reporting leaks and rumors.  This is a good time to be reminded that rumors are just that, rumors.

Until Nikon officially announces a D800 or D4 (or Chuck Norris is spotted using either), we’ll just keep tracking the rumors of these cameras.  Stay tuned.



  1. Roderick says

    18mp would be great. As it’s half way between the D3x and D3s, one might imagine a nice combination of those two camera’s various virtues rolled into one unit. However, I’m inclined to agree with “ossme”, as I’ve read somewhere that Sony might be coming out with a 14.7mp FF sensor camera to replace their A700. Thus, if Sony is still making the Nikon sensors it might follow that the Nikon will be at that point also.

  2. Tisign Photography says

    King of the World? Ya right! just joking!;-)
    Just want to thank PHOTOGRAPHY BAY – and all repliers of course – for every interesting rumour. How dull would the world be without rumours!
    good luck to you all!

  3. John says

    Moose Peterson has been using the D3s and he said NIkon told him the sensor in the D3s is a new sensor, not the same as in the D3.

  4. Manfred says

    Hi gents,
    sorry to say but I get somewhat tired after all these years… Basically I am a Nikon owner but hesitated to buy me a digital Nikon SLR because Canon was ahead and I was waiting for a competetive model. Then I lost my analogue equipment two years ago by robbery and I am free to change the brand. But the story seems to last forever: the offer the D3x for a premium price but still no reasonable camera. I hoped for a D700x at PMA 2009 and now we hear the same rumours again. Maybe this is clever camapaign to stimulate customers’ brand loyalty and to prevent Nikonians to swift to Canon or Sony?
    Sorry to say but all these years make me tired! I will wait for too expensive Canon’s DIVs as a benchmark and see if Nikon comes out of the changing room on the playground or not but I do not care anymore about rumours…

  5. Al Bowman says

    I bet it will be $11999.00 I bought the D2X when it came out a few years ago. I love the camera and it’s still taking great photos after a couple of sensor replacements covered by Nikon. But man, the low light capture is a bummer! Then comes the D3 and D3x where they fixed this issue quite nicely. However, at $7999.00 It’s well out of my range and many others.

    One firmware update is all we ever got. I would recommend sitting out a season when a new model number is released. Wait for the next one if you can afford it.
    Now the D2X is worth shavings compared to it’s purchase price.

  6. angelina dolly says

    the new d4 has a blond detection auto focus system. it will automatically focus on blond girl.

  7. says

    Nikon had better get to the Nikon D800 with 18 MP FF sensor and have 1080 video capability. The Canon Mark II D5 attraction over Nikon’s current offering is puzzling. What is Nikon stalling for?? The D700 is one awesome camera. The Nikon D3s is simply overpriced. The Nikon D800 SHOULD be able to have the best video capability of any DSLR camera. The video feature is NOW critical. Objections to this feature remind me of the view camera hold outs. I used 8×10 and larger for years. But that was then and this is now. But megapixels alone do not rule. If Nikon puts out a decent D800 with logical updates it could be Nikon’s best high tech SELLING camera. I own F5s, D70 through D300….but FF sensors will soon be there, in the right price range. Above $2,700?? Nikon don’t wast your time! One of the best DX cameras I have ever used is the D90. Great features, great price! But FX is lagging behind @ Nikon in the high tech AFFORDABLE cameras where the real profits are made. Do you want bragging rights or lots of happy customers? Nikon will get this one right. But a D4 is still just about right for a full time pro making a living on it, or NASA for space shots. Nikon should go were the sales and majority of serious shooters are.

  8. Banjo says

    I have been a loyal Nikon user and supporter for most of my photographic life. Have owned 5 Nikon cameras and many lenses. My interest is landscape – detail, panorama, tonal depth. I feel like an apostate from Islam to Christianity or vice versa, but I am on the verge of switching to to a Canon 5D and flogging all my Nikon gear, painfully aware that once I do that it will be forever.