Nikon D800 Before Christmas?

A tipster has sent in some info on the rumored Nikon D800 that he purports originates with a “very reliable source.”  According to the tipster, Nikon will not be revising the D700 for a “S” model, as was the case with the D300 and D3.

Instead, Nikon will release a completely new model to replace the D700 – the D800.

Rumored Nikon D800 features from the tipster include the following:

1) Video mode 1080p video recording (full HD)
2) High resolution 24.5 MP.
3) High frame rate: 7 fps without battery grip (similar to D300s)
4) 51-area Nikon Multi-CAM 3500FX (same technology as D3X)

He also tells me that the D800 will launch before Christmas.

I can’t confirm the veracity of this info or the reliability of the tipster yet.  I am reaching out to him for further details in hopes to substantiate these rumors. Keep in mind that these D700x/D800 rumors have been rattling around for over a year now.

Stay tuned for updates on the D800 or whatever else Nikon decides to throw at us.



  1. Eric Calabros says

    1080p at 24/25 fps or there is a 30 gift?
    ISO remains as D700 or we will see another 12800?

  2. says

    It’s an inevitability…but when and how much are the big questions. My guess, not soon enough, and too much. But we can hope, can’t we?

  3. jbl says

    Holy 1080p, batman!

    This is what I was waiting for.

    However I’d prefer a cheaper 16mp or 18mp version with better low light.

    Can we expect better low light than the D3x? I want at least “usable” iso 6400. (when I say usable it considers the high resolution that allows me to downsize)

    I’m wondering about the price too.. it has to be cheaper than the D3s right?

  4. Doda says

    The specs don’t add up. 7fps? FX?? While the D3x fires 5fps??? No. Way.
    Not even DX, as that would put it on the same level as the D3x.

    A 16/18mp body with 8fps seems to much more likely:
    – a perfect backup for both, the D3S and the D3x
    – perfect semi pro body
    – perfect competition for the Canon semi pro bodies, 5D and 7D

  5. NikoDoby says

    A “source” “spammed” a rumors forum with this same info yesterday Eric so I hope you can “confirm” these specs through more than one source.

  6. ossme says

    Load of nonsense!

    The D3X with that has dual processors crammed in a full professional body could only manage 5 frames per second (7 with DX). that means that 1) the “D800″ will never be able to do it in a D300 body & 2) If they did it then that would mean an early retirement for the D3X. After all, who would buy it if there is another camera with the same features but with a higher FPS rate and a smaller body?

    Currently the d700 is a replacement for the D3 and not the D3X. Nikon got two routes. 1) they could do a 24MP camera but with 3 to 4 Frames per second (like canon). 2) they could keep the 12MP and give it a video and call it a D700s. Have it any other way and it will eat sales from its bigger brothers.

  7. catastrophile says

    is not going to happen. this is a false rumor from a nikon user who was disappointed by the announcements of the last few days.

  8. says

    Though likely spam, what if…?

    One possibility exists that the person getting the info mis-communicated 24.5 MP. Possibly, this is D700 sensor based (12.5MP) camera with 1080p video which can do 24.5 fps in video mode. “Movie” frame rate. 7fps in camera mode would than also make sense…

    There is nothing better than a good speculation :)

  9. Laura Twining says

    Sure would like to see it and buy it! Needs to be less than the D3s for me to justify spending the money as a novice but passionate photographer:) I am waiting for the next fullframe–whether it is D700__ or D800. Hurry up and get it out Nikon!

  10. D300 (AND D800?) says

    Whoa… The specs dont add up. 7fps with 24mp? Never hurts to keep dreaming though…

  11. ramosa says

    i could see the d800 having items 2-4, but not #1 (the video capacity). i just don’t see nikon putting that on a pro body.

  12. says

    I have been watching, no that is chasing, rumours of the D700 replacement with interest, but so far none have suggested the vari-angle monitor of the D5000 is gonign to get another use which is my hope. Has anyone seen anything on further use of this feature now that video seems established in SLR form cameras

  13. ramosa says

    S: darn, you’re right. my mistake. i’m surprised nikon has video on the D3s. thus, the D800 will have items 1-4. i would never use the video, but some likely would.

  14. Chris says

    I quized a Nikon rep today he confirmed the D800 is coming but the release date won’t be till Feb March 2010

  15. ramosa says

    urg. not till march 2010. actually, i’m not interested so much interested in the new one (e.g., D800 or D700x), but was hoping the release of such would drive down the price of the D700, which i aim to buy.

  16. d700 says

    nikon will not totally replace the d700 with d800 ,, d800 will the new model maybe. d700 still remain some feature that d800 dun have.(d3s (iso 12600) and d3x (6400) this is nikon marketing.

  17. D700 + ? says

    Come on what is the latest here, it’s 5 months later and we’ve heard nothing. Are Nikon coming up with an upgrade for the D700 and if so when???

  18. D800 or Canon 5d says

    I want to buy a new DSLR asap but really wanted a Nikon. I do not want to spend more than a couple of grand and I am really tempted by the Canon EOS 5D due to its high megapixel count. Come on Nikon stop treating us like mushrooms and tell what’s happening!

  19. Lol says

    Sensor: 18 megapixel full-frame
    Speed: 3 frames per second
    96% viewfinder coverage
    Built-in Flash
    Price: US $3499
    Availability: Spring 2010