7 Things to Hate About the Canon 7D

Canon 7D

Last week, we pointed out 7 Things to Love About the Canon 7D.  After several comments discussing both the pros and cons of the Canon 7D, it’s time to take a closer look at what the naysayers think of the camera.    Here’s 7 things about the Canon 7D that turn some people off.

1. 18 Megapixels is Too Much

Canon has been steadily increasing the megapixel count of its DSLR models year after year.  Many balked at the jump from 10MP in the 40D to 15MP in the 50D.  While the noise control in the 50D was impressive, it left many wondering whether it could have been that much better if Canon had just left it at 10MP or maybe a jump to 12MP instead.  Now, the 7D comes along with 18MP and the same gripes are cropping up.

2. 1.6x Crop = Smaller Pixels and

Speaking of crop, those 18 megapixels are packed into an APS-C sized sensor. Smaller sensor, smaller pixels, more noise – right? Not sure; however, that hasn’t stopped some groaning about upping the ante after the 50D with even more pixels.  These naysayers would be much happier if those 18MP were packed into a full frame sensor on the 7D.

3. 1.6x Crop = Lenses That Aren’t So Wide

In addition to the pixel size and noise complaint, a 17mm lens on the 7D will look a lot different than it would have with a full frame sensor in there.  The sports and wildlife guys and gals get the goods, but the landscape guys are left in the cold and have to spend $1000 more to get their kicks with the 5D Mark II.

4. What’s Up With the 28-135mm Kit Lens?

Didn’t Canon just release a new EF-S 15-85mm IS USM lens?  Wouldn’t that be a better focal range to pack in a kit than the 28-135mm lens on a crop-sensor body?  The 15-85mm range is equivalent to a 24-136mm angle of view in a 35mm or full frame camera and is a natural substitute for the Canon EF 28-135mm IS lens on crop-sensor cameras like the Canon 7D.  Instead, Canon continues to stick in the 28-135mm lens, which has a 45-216mm equivalent angle of view.  That sure does miss out on a lot of coverage on the wide end.  This odd packaging may just affect US customers as I have seen other kit combos, including the EF-S 15-85mm lens, packaged with the 7D overseas.

5. Video? We Don’t Need Your Stinking Video!

Who needs video in a DSLR? Well, truth is some love it; however, others hate it.  In fact, some photographers consider such a feature to be nearing heresy.  A still camera that captures movies?  Isn’t that a little silly?  If you’re in this crowd, I would suggest that you consider the work of Vincent Laforet, among many others, who have done some incredible things with the large DSLR sensor (be it full frame or APS-C).  This message doesn’t resonate with everyone thought, and for that reason it’s on the “hate it” list.

6. You Live Outside the US and Are Being Hosed on the Price

I’m not sure about the worldwide pricing variances; however, I have seen many comments from the photographers in the UK and elsewhere in Europe who are very displeased with the pricing.  With a US retail price of $1699, a UK price of £1699 and a European market price of €1699 is hardly fair.

7. Canon 5D Mark II Users Feel a Little Cheated

Not all; however, some 5D Mark II owners feel like they really got the raw end of the deal since the 7D outshines the 5D Mark II in several categories (see 7 Things to Love…).  I can somewhat understand this frustration, particularly for those who purchased the 5D Mark II with video capture as a key concern.  And, I don’t even need to mention the gross disparity in AF features.  If the AF on the Canon 7D is as fancy as it looks and works the way it is supposed to, Canon’s going the have a lot of 5D Mark II users scratching their heads as to why the 5D Mark II has such a dated AF system in it.

Love It / Hate It?

Is there anything else you hate?  What are your love/hate features in the Canon 7D?  Is it on your wish list?  Fire away in the comments below.

Read more about the 7D at Photography Bay’s Canon 7D Reviews and Resources.



  1. noroom says

    This is a terrible article.

    Point 1 and 2 I understand, but they’re basically the same thing.

    Point 3, though, is a feature, not a bug. Obviously this camera is aimed at birders and sports people, who need a FAST camera and long lenses. Build your camera around a crop sensor and you’re doing them a great favor. Of course, they could crop their shots from a FF, but this way the camera is a lot cheaper.

    It’s like saying this camera should be hated because when submerged to shoot underwater, it breaks. Yeah, because that’s not what it’s for. A crop body is not for landscapes.

    Point 5? Really? If you don’t want video, then don’t use it. A lot of people want it these days, and I bet if it didn’t have video, you’d be complaining about it. Ridiculous.

    And point 7… You should hate the camera because it’s better than an older camera? Sure, it’s not supposed to be, being cheaper and having a greater number. But it’s newer, and technology moves forward. Camera bodies depreciate quickly, deal with it. If you’re on a budget, you should be getting used gear and selling it after a year. If you can afford every new body, then get a 7D and a 5D, what’s the problem?

    This article almost made me remove the site from my RSS reader.

    • says

      @noroom – I think you have very valid points and I’m generally in agreement with your points. However, some folks are really turned off by one or more of the above things.

  2. vss says

    Point 7: The AF on the canon 5d II has been a concern for some photographers, since its announced release. Many canon 5d II owners have made this very clear from posts that can be referenced on the dpreview forum.

    There have been many reviews about the AF on this camera and comparisons make to canon’s competition. For example in the pop photo review of the camera it implied that canon is behind its competitors in this regard.

    Pop photo’s review comments February 2009:

    ‘The 5D-era AF, however, is no longer competitive with the blazing speeds we see in most DSLRs these days. At the brightest light level in our tests, the 5D Mark II focused in 0.51 sec, while the Nikon D700 zipped along at 0.35 sec, and the Sony A900 roared to the head of the pack with 0.29 sec.’
    ‘Oddly, some older and newer Canon models have faster AF systems. Just as Nikon trickled down the D3’s AF to the D700, we think Canon should have done this with the 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II.’

    ‘the 5D Mark II’s old-fashioned AF system can’t keep up with the cutting-edge imaging power. Nor is the 3.9-fps burst rate state-of-the-art.’

    Comparing the 5d mark II to the Nikon D700, which uses 51 AF points and using professional lens, the D700 AF system appears to have the upper hand. Both of these systems are in the same price range with the canon having the video and high pixel count.

    Canon an innovative company has the ability to consider providing an expanded AF to 5d Mark II owners. In this regard, canon has all to gain and nothing to lose.

  3. says

    I think people are too quick to judge nowadays. The camera hasn’t been on the shelves long enough to warrant the “love/hate” conversations, if one may call them that.

    From the specs, the 7D sounds like a souped-up 50D. In that respect, it doesn’t look like it brings any groundbreaking features to the table. We’ve all been through the sensor size, the MP count, the video and potentially every other feature it holds with either other Canon products, or their competitive counterparts. One can just go and browse, for example, DPReview’s forums to get a solid grasp of how beaten up and down these topics really are.

    What exactly is the 7D bringing to the table that warrants such inexplicable rave, if any? That is the real question you should be asking your audience, in my opinion.


  4. Sheldon says

    Can somebody with some pull write a letter to Canon. I’d like to hear what they have to say to the AF issue with the 5D MKII and the 7D, how can they justify that….and for that matter, I’d like to hear what Canon has to say to the other issues as well, like the 5D MKII is still $1000 more than the 7D. I’d write a letter, but they probably wouldn’t respond with anything worthy.

  5. says

    Regarding the pixels: The pixel density is miniscule compared to even the best point and shoot. With 2 processors and edge to edge micro lenses it may be very good.

    The crop sensor will never give the “open” feeling a full frame will but that’s sensor size not lens choice. I use a 10-22mm on my crop and at even 10mm it is very good. So wide angle is yours for the taking.

    Regarding the video; I think this is a whole new class. It’s not a tacked on feature, as in the past, but a very rich offering. With various brackets and lcd view finders available, I think superb video results will be possible. My guess is that, as with the panasonic gh1, video specific lenses will be offered that will fully take advantage of the video. (Preset focus points etc.)

    Adobe is also working on video raw – this will be interesting.

    There’s no use being a purist regarding digital cameras. If you’re really serious about pure image quality you’ll be out there with a large format film camera. I like that these new products are taking advantage of the plastic nature of the medium, rather than imitating film.

    Another interesting feature on the camera is the very rapid burst rate. These files converted to video – or run through pano software – should yield interesting and surprising files.

    As far as hating it because it’s better than you just bought – yeah – it’s a bitter pill…

  6. ginsek says

    Point 5 is ridiculous. As someone already mentioned, don’t like it don’t use it. I wouldn’t even look at this camera if it is not video. Video in this camera may be able to convert some Nikonians to Canonians, just because Nikon doesn’t have an equally good DSLR with HD video at the moment. This is the cheapest way to get good video and use interchangeable lenses.

  7. Yossarian says

    About 7)
    Sure right, but: What you suggest Canon to do?
    ?Release the 7D with the old and inefficient AF system, to keep the 5D MkII happy?
    ?Invent time travel and solve the MK II issue by changing the AF in spring of 2008?
    ?Or do you expect them to recall the sold MK II’s, and replace the AF unit at no cost?
    I rather suggest to accept the fact that a model released 1 Year later has to have some improvements. and wait for the 5D MK III ….

  8. says

    Above 12MPixel cameras are just camera makers colluding with the hard disk drive makers ;-)

    I’d love to see Canon apply this High ISO image quality effort to a low pitch sensor, perhaps 10MP. I bet they could achieve IQ perfection at ISO6400 and barely usable images at 51,200.

  9. says

    I’m happy to see that the new 7D includes video. This moronic feature is an absolute deal-killer for me on a DSLR camera that would otherwise be quite tempting. Now I don’t have to agonize about scraping up the cash to buy yet another camera from Canon.

  10. Bill D says

    Let me add one more thing to hate. The 7D has problems reading a lot of large CF cards on the market. For example, my 7D will not recognize my 32GB RiData 233X CF cards which work perfectly in my 40D (a two+ year old camera). It also does not work right with a brand new 64GB PhotoFast CF card and keeps formatting it as 8GB. The only way I can get it to work is to partition and format it in my computer using Swissnife.

    There are a LOT of bugs like this in the 7D firmware which need to be worked out quickly and an update issued ASAP.

  11. Tracey Lee says

    You obviously have absolutely NO IDEA that indie film makers have wanted something like this to come along for YEARS! It doesn’t matter that it’s in the form of a DSLR…we are using it and we are not *****ing and moaning like you!

    Canon has answered our prayers…we can now have a decent video capturing device that utilizes shallow depth of field and put out a product really close to cinematic film picture quality…for a fraction of the cost.

  12. says


    I just bought a 7D and was having a lil buyer’s remorse (primarily because I am an instinctive cheap son of a *****). That video made my spirits soar. A truly impressive output from a consumer grade camera – a dSLR at that! I now know what I can do with this camera is limited only by my vision.

    Good ****

  13. Devin says

    Point #4,
    You really expect Canon to include an $800 lens as a kit lens for this camera? It’s double the price of the 28-135mm. Then you would be complaining about the price of the kit package saying it’s too expensive.

  14. TJ says

    The 24FPS video on this camera combined with the interchangeability of lenses on a DSLR creates a package that only a few years ago would have cost upwards of $10,000.00 in the HD Cinema world. Can you remember the astronomical price of the P+S Teknic 35mm adapters used to achieve this look (and that didn’t even include a lens!)

  15. Jim says

    I totally agree with Stephen.

    I still do not understand why, when the Canon engineers find ways to improve the sensor technology and performance they feel compelled to increase pixel density and reduce pitch, thereby reducing what the advances in sensor technology equate to in final output performance. If Canon would have been smart enough and/or bold enough to make the 7D (with such advances in sensor technology) a 10mp or 12mp camera there would be absolutely no doubt that the 7D would be a significantly better performer than the D300s for low-light captures and extended dynamic range. ISO 6400 would have probably been rock solid and very usable for most purposes. Furthermore, on the rare occassions when a DSLR photographer feels the need to blow up an image beyond 16″ x 20″, there is software available to accomplish that very handily, especially with the clean noise free files provided by large photosite sensors. And as most serious professional photographers are aware, the most sensible way to shoot high quality, large size (greater than 20″ x 24″), images on a full-time regular basis is through the use of medium format digital cameras, eg. the new Leica S2 or PhaseOne/Leaf. If more photographers would come to realize how truly pathetic DSLR image quality is compared to DMF (by checking it out for themselves, as I have), then there could be more focus and attention on what the DSLR does really well (fast fps, fast AF, potentially high ISO, etc.) and stop racing for pixel density. Neither Canon nor anyone else, is going to defy the laws of physics when it comes to the inherent benefit of larger photosites. Canon, and others, are taking advantage of the ignorance of some well-heeled prosumers when they produce a really promising camera like the 7D with too damn many megapixels, just so they can put a bigger megapixel number on their packaging for marketing purposes. There are so many good things about the 7D that it really sucks that Canon would forego greatness with this particular camera by making the (marketing) decision for 18mp when 15mp on the 50D was already too many, and in most cases not needed!

  16. says

    Well, in theory, I would agree that 18 megapixels are too many for a small sensor.

    But in fact, I have tested both the EOS 50D (15 megapixels) and the EOS 7D. And the 7D provides better image quality at all ISO.

    That may seem contrary to logic, given the smaller pixel size. (EOS 50D: 4.7 microns pixel pitch. EOS 7D: 4.3 microns.) But I’ll tell you this: some wizard at Canon has really improved the processing. At every ISO, I would rather use the EOS 7D in terms of image quality, especially in RAW capture. (higher resolution and equal or better control of digital noise.)

    **You can always downsize a huge image file.**

    And sure, imagine how good the EOS 7D quality would be if it were a 12 megapixel camera. (Nikon still considers 12 megapixels as optimal for the small sensor; i.e. the D300S; 5.49 microns pixel pitch.)

    Hey, I would MUCH rather use the Nikon D700 at high ISO because the pixels are HUGE (8.45 microns pixel pitch.) Amazing quality at ISO 3200, for example. But not everybody wants a full-frame sensor camera.

    As much as I expected to hate the EOS 7D in terms of high ISO quality, I am pleasantly surprised at how well it handles such images.

    Cheers! Peter http://www.peterkburian.com AND http://www.photocrati.com

  17. Jim says

    Yes, you can downsize to address the noise issue. However, what you cannot address is the lower dynamic range and lower color fidelity that results from having a lower signal-to-noise ratio coming from those tiny photosites. The problem of clipped image detail (highlights and/or shadows) is a huge unresolvable IQ problem that no amount of software massaging is going to correct. And this is exactly the situation we have with cameras that have too damn many megapixels crammed on small sensors. And the really sad part is that over 99% of the photographers using the 7D will NEVER print larger than 13″ x 19″, thus making the extra megapixels beyond 12mp not just a complete and utter waste, but actually a nuisance (slower to transfer, slower to post process, more storage space required, etc.)

  18. says

    I think the 7D is fatally flawed, the images are soft and without detail, It is not even in the same ball park as the extraordinary image quality of the 5dmkII or 1dsmkIII, I think my old 5d that I gave to a friend was far superior in image quality to the brand new 7D I just regrettably bought. I actually think there is something wrong with this camera and Canon should do the right thing and recall it. I couldn’t even present the 7D’s images to a stock library or a magazine.

  19. Arno Nimm says

    Hallo all!

    Is that true, that 7D photos are not sharp and crisp?

    why did Canonn remove the focussing screens on the 7D?

    Can one manually focus just as well without them?

    What is then the best technique for manually focussing the 7D?

    Does the 7D autofocus work well while shooting videos?

    Isn´t it difficult to manually focus videos using the 7D

    Why didn´t Canon waterproof the flash compartment seams? They finally waterproofed everything else.

    thanks for your help


  20. an actual photographer says

    It seems like almost ever post regarding this topic is a complaint about how this camera is not innovative, the image isn’t sharp, etc.

    Everyone wants canon/nikon to make a camera that’s perfect in every category. Its not really possible. If the 7D was a full frame, 21.1MP camera, with 8FPS, 1080p Video, and as many AF points as the D700 who would ever buy a 5D or a 1DmIV or any Nikon model?

    As a 1.6 crop sensor, yes the image quality will not be as sharp and refined as the 5DmII. However, at 18mp, and reasonably sharp, its more than enough for most people. Trust me, I’ve been doing magazine/newspaper/event photography since the days of 5 Megapixel cameras. 10 years and 13 Megapixels later, I can tell you its a lot more than what I had to start with.

    What really effects your photo is timing, lighting, composition and soul.

    Stop worrying about how these images will look when you zoom in 100-200%. Just enjoy the camera and its feature.

    Video/1080p on both the 5DmII and 7D have changed my life. I have so much more fun now than I ever did.

  21. Paul says

    Point #4

    28-135mm? It’s an 18-135mm lens that comes in the kit, equivalent to 28.8-216mm. Quality isn’t as good as the 18-55mm IS, but you can’t expect it to be with the added length.
    But for a kit lens its a good focal length range for most people who aren’t using it make a living.

  22. says

    @Paul – I don’t know where you are seeing the 18-135mm kits; however, the kits that I’m seeing here in the US include the 28-135mm lens.

  23. ZACH! says

    Having just bought the camera (after being furiously disappointed with the noise-on-steroids images from the 50d) I can say I’m overall satisfied. I am a pixel peeper and low quality on any level is a huge turn off for me. I like the large images from the 18mp sensor but will agree that if they would have put all their new advances in a 12mp sensor I would be far happier with the system.

    Having instant video (at superb quality) was of no concern to me initially but now that I have it I find myself using it quite a bit.

    Ultimately, it comes down to the shoot. I didnt like how the 50d shot, but this camera is nothing short of spectacular. Everything just works and ‘feels’ right. I cant stand Nikons-love the product but it just doesnt work for me. The 7d is crisp clean efficient and satisfying to shoot. The images are turning out much better than the 50d’s were. While its no 5dii the 7d’s usability definitely comes out on top. I’d rather have a camera that will do what I want it to well than have one that I have to fight to get what I want out of it.

    That being said, full-frame clarity with the 7d’s features and tech…can’t wait for that. Everyone just stop bitching and go out and shoot!

  24. GrahamS says

    I have the Canon 7D and my wife has the Pentax K7. In my opinion the Pentax is a photographer’s camera, while the Canon is a geek’s camera. And no, you can’t preview depth of field clearly on the 7D’s LCD focus screen – the image becomes coarse and the corners go dark as soon as you stop down beyond f5.6.

  25. PProductions says

    Always have to be some haters in the world. Some points are valid but hard to take seriously when the Title is ‘Things to HATE About the 7D.’

  26. says

    I really don’t know what all this fuss is about, if you don’t like then get rid of it. I have to agree with >>>>

    >>>>>”an actual photographer December 9th, 2009 at 7:09 pm”

    We will never be satified no matter what :)

    Enjoy what you have , life is short.


  27. Roelof van Heerden says

    Hallo there
    It is a most interresting article you have here, I did not read all yet, (I am a very slo reader) but what I fount the most hate on my 7D is that they moved the “ON-OFF” swithc from the right to the left! Now the swithc is direct above the MODE-DILE. My hands are not very small and when I switch the camera OFF, I often tuch the mode dile or when I am in a hurry when I switch it on, then my thumb also turn the MODE diale. I normally works in the program mode and then the dam camera is on CA or els!
    I did see some people also moans about it.
    Thanks for the news-letters, keep up your good work
    Roelof van Heerden (Roelf in short is OK)

  28. Ron says

    Canon just released the Canon 7D with EF-S 18-135mm kit. This kit costs about $200 USD more than the 28-135mm kit. I know because I just bought it on Amazon.com two days ago. It’s too early to say I’m totally satisfied with the 7D, but it’s a huge upgrade for me from the 20D. It’ll be fun figuring it out!

  29. FotomanAZ says

    Things my colleagues hate about the 7D.

    * the divergence of the model number thought to be reserved for full frame cameras (5D and 1D series)
    * the fact that while waiting for a ASP-C sensored camera, it falls short of the Nikon D90 in the important areas; sensor performance, colour depth, dynamic range and low-light ISO performance


    My view is this. In the middle 1990’s a 2 mp DSLR cost over $25,000 and for deadline shooters, we were happy to have it.

    The Canon 7D is such a fine tool, nit-picking at is seems to be a waste of time. Just buy it or not. If you do buy it, enjoy using it and its unique features. If not, just wait until a newer Canon body comes a long you do like and buy it.

    In the end, a tool is just a tool. The imagination and creativity of the camera user is what matters.

  30. says

    The 7d is unbeleavable, when it comes to quailty prints. the thing that makes me upset is if i shoot in large foremat jpeg the prints come out 72×48 inches. when you shoot 4 to 500 shoots its a lot of extra work. can someone out there help maybe i’ve got something set wrong. thanks in advance.

  31. says

    My gripe is that the Canon 7D is so heavy. I LIKE heavy in a camera, but this is way beyond anything I have had before. Anyone else find this?

  32. says

    Got the 7D especially for the video. The picture is really nice, this I love!
    What I hate, I’ve had to return 3 bodies due to dead or hot pixels. The last 2 within 1 month of receiving it…
    This is really a problem and as soon as the warranty goes, a big expense to keep fixing it.
    Maybe it’s a bug? I don’t know, but it sure as hell takes a way a lot of confidence in this for the rest beautiful camera.
    Giving back my 7D this Monday, to receive my first 5D.
    I hope this series is less dead pixel sensitive…

  33. ColinC says

    I bought the Canon 7D 6 months ago along with a 500mm f4 lens for birding and wildlife. I can only compare it to my well loved Nikon D300 that I retained and still use for every other genre of photography. The only reason I went Canon 7D and canon 500mm f4 was much better price compared to the Nikon equivalent in that focal range.
    The Canon 7D is a disappointment, it’s not bad overall, and some marvelous images have been forth coming, but my Nikon D300 puts it to shame. The Nikon is smooth, certainly feels more refined, stronger and much more user friendly and always delivers smooth image quality, often with only minimal editing.
    The Canon 7D has some annoying button layouts, and most annoying is the easily spun mode dial, sooooo many times I
    I’ve picked up the 7D only to find it has moved off it’s mode setting and bad exposure as a result, I have lost so many photo chances due to this oversight. Surely it would of been smarter to incorporate a lock pin or similar to stop the mode dial shifting off it’s set position so easily.

    My 7D is starting to show signs of failure now after about 20,000 actuations, nothing constant yet but sometimes it refuses to work for various functions unless turned off and on, the auto sensor clean mechanism sometimes wont activate.{I keep it on auto for start up and shut down}
    I think the shutter on the 7D sounds poor, instead of click click, it’s more of a clack clack, and is quite loud if trying to be dead quiet when birding.

    The most disappointing aspect of my 7D would be the apparent graininess on all images taken, not severe and not from high ISO settings, but always present under all settings. As said, it’s not very bad, but every image require some degree of noise reduction
    /blur to smoothen out images unlike my Nikon gear. The image quality lacks that smooth richness that my Nikon D300 has and I think the 18mp sensor is to blame. Why Canon thought the average semi-pro needed an 18mp sensor is beyond me…they seem to be having a pixel war against…errr…nobody ?

    Anyway, the 7D is a fine camera, but in all honesty I wish now I’d just bought a Nikon 500 f4 to mount on mt D300, but too late now, I’ll just keep using a noise reduction program on all my Canon images.

  34. says

    Yes, I take 1 step forward towards buying 7D, then retreat 2 steps. No logic on earth convinces me about overcrowding of a crop sensor. It’s simply silly. Canon thinks photogs are fools or they are like those who know next to nothing about photography.

    If Nikon bodies accommodate provisions to accept Canon lenses in near future, Canon bodies will simply stop selling for sure.

  35. says

    You realize, right, that point 5 is probably the biggest selling point for this camera? The video you can get out of the 7D is simply beautiful, not as nice as the RED for a few reasons but for 28k less I will take a small reduction in value any day!

    The only reason I upgraded from the 40D to the 7D is the video. Nothing else on the camera has disappointed me except for a higher level of soft pictures when shooting with my telephoto. I read somewhere that it is due to faster shutter speeds being required with higher MPX counts.

    So no one one here thinks the IR remote flash control is simply awesome?

  36. Jerverd says

    Got my 7D four months ago. I’m very disappointed about the photo quality, looks pale or washed out, tried different picture styles, even downloaded some, but still pictures are pale. Tried AWB, custom balance, still the same, updated firmware still the same. Photos from my old 450D is much better. I’m sure many users of 7D might have the same problem as me.

  37. Karina says

    I think its pretty sweet about the fact that the 7d has video in it, some photographers may think its lame cause that’s what a camera for them is for but i mean, c’mon man! it takes video, that’s pretty sweet in my opinion, and 18 may be too much for you guys but its worth it. its resolution turns out pretty sweet but i dunno, ‘my clear, opinion.

  38. manuel says

    the canon 7d is the best camera and proffational. whay you didn”t say about 8 frame per secound? that”s fast camera as possible.
    whay you didin”t say anything about wireless flash.
    on the all canon camera just canon 7d has wireless flash.
    doesn”t matter what”s you thinking about 7d, most of the proffational photographer like more than that”s you can”t image it,7d is the best

  39. teddy says

    Who cares???? its a camera, live with it and appreciate what you have and what others don’t.

  40. B'alam ロミオ says

    I dont know man, I moved from the sony a900 and a850 to the Nikon D3 to this amazing little bugger and just cant see the same flaws you see. Basically the way i see it, this is not a landscapists’ camera, there is a 5D for that, this is a pocket rocket!! I am not a fanboy of any brand(hence the ship jumping) but this camera just feels right and the video was one of the biggest reasons for the jump!! They have announce the D7000, but i dont really care I have a ton of CF’s and no SD’s. Besides I am more confident in Canon’s experience in the Video field. When i bought this baby i got the 28-135 kit but i opted out for the 24-105L and 70-200ISII i got an amazing deal on the II, $280 off!! Some lucky bastard really scored a deal on a never used 28-135 from me hahaha.

  41. says

    I just bought one . the love for low light and nature photography. Well they could have made it water-resistant , I already have the 1 D MK III for that reason. And its noisy . But i think its because its new. the one in the shop was better.
    However so I understand it out performs the 1DMKIV and the 5D So I got what I wanted .

    OK Canon you up against Nikon D7000 water resistant and better . and a better price.

    So bring out all the best point in all the above with the screen from the 60D in a 1d series and you have the ultimate DSLR

  42. Rudolph Landau says

    If the 7D doesn’t suit your needs, return or sell it and go search endlessly for the perfect one. What’s the point of b****in’ about it AFTER buying it! Every camera body has its pros and cons, not one is perfect. So, happy shooting and enjoy capturing moments (stills or videos) to those who got the 7D.

    And this Canon vs Nikon thingy (along with Nvidia vs ATI, PS3 vs xBox360, etc) plastered everywhere on the internet is getting a bit BORING!!! At least come up with constructive and valid criticism rather than the s**t that no longer smells funky!

  43. says

    decide what you want,.

    dual processor have better performance than a single one,.
    intel pentium 4 (2.93 GHz) isn’t better than intel core 2 Duo E6550 (2.33 GHz)…
    so take the advantage on consumer cameras.

    “As far as hating it because it’s better than you just bought – yeah – it’s a bitter pill…” – peter harris quotation.

    Nikon D300s is more popular and has better appearance but Canon 7D is more enthusiastic.

    think twice and read the specification carefully before buying a new product…

  44. P Pierce says

    There are so many reasons to dislike this camera if you try to find them, but the trick is to find why it is great. I have been a professional photographer and filmmaker for the past 7 years and have figured out that there is no perfect tool for all jobs or even for a single job. Every camera has its ups and downs. For me using this for photography, it is great for sports with a fast sharp lens because as far as I know Canon only makes one camera faster and it costs $5K. But it also comes in very handy for portraits that end up online, or anything for the web. Thats not to say you can’t print excellent photos from this camera, which I have to say exceeds what the original 5D could shoot and every other Canon camera that has a higher number than 7 (i.e. 40D, 50D, 60D), which is really how it should be. Sure the 5D II, 1D & 1Ds all perform better in the noise/ picture quality category, they are more expensive and built to be better. But everyone saying that the 7D’s are soft is crazy. If you put a good quality lens on them they are actually amazingly sharp, I love Canon lenses and the “L” lenses are amazing, but none of them are really sharp wide open especially at f/1.2, 1.4, 1.8 and even f/2.0. The zooms are softer than the primes and all of their lenses should be stopped down to get the best sharpness out of them. I think if you would try the Zeiss Primes you would see how these shine and the amazing sharpness of the camera. Sure they don’t autofocus, but who needs it on a portrait anyways. Yes, they cost a lot of money but so do the “L” lenses. The Zeiss Planar T* Primes are amazing and super sharp for right around $1000 each, or you could test out the super sharp Zeiss CP.2 Primes which were designed for Cinematography and my oh my they are incredible, but at the price of $3900 each with no autofocus. Sure you would say these lenses are not for photography, but my point is that your 7D is very sharp with the right lens so buy better glass if you want better pictures, and yes all those Zeiss lenses mount directly to the Canon EF mount at no additional charge.

    Now onto the video part, I love to shoot motion picture photography and this camera does it really well, but at the same time very poorly. It is important to know your tools and their limitations. Whenever I shoot video I wish Canon would’ve made the sensor on this camera 1920×1080 only instead of the ridiculous 18MP. That would put this camera in a class all its own with the best low light of any camera ever made and get rid of the moire and jello effects that it produces with its line skipping. But I have to deal with 18MP and use it for what its good for and in ways that don’t show off what it does bad and even horrible. But I’ll tell you that everyone is buying them because their images in motion picture look like film for not even 1/50th the price of shooting on film. So figure out why the 7D or whatever camera you have is GREAT and use it to it’s advantages so that you don’t show off it’s weaknesses and you will have a much more pleasant experience. But for those of you expecting the perfect camera you will have two options, spend nearly $100,000 for something that is as close as possible to what you want or never buy a camera because perfect doesn’t exist and is always cost prohibitive and will always become obsolete within a year.

    The camera I want made:
    Full Frame 11.8 MP 4200×2800 pixels with full resolution 4K video shot in RAW
    Shoots up to 120 fps full resolution still or video
    Doesn’t over heat
    Can record video for unlimited amount of time not just 15 min
    Has ability to shoot video with autofocus perfectly
    Has a full resolution 5 inch LCD screen
    Has HDMI and HD-SDI output
    Records to very fast but cheap media i.e. less than $300 for 64GB card and has two card slots to continue recording
    Has a sensor that does not produce rolling shutter effect like CMOS does
    Has super fast autofocus and at least 63 Zone 45 Point AF that works extra fast at f/5.6 and faster not just f/2.8
    And it works with all lenses made by every company from all time.

    And I want all of this for under $5000. But that will never happen because that camera is a RED Camera with AF that records to cheap media with a much better sensor and is complete and ready to use out of the box. This camera may actually be real one day except for the lenses, but not for $5K and certainly not anytime soon.

  45. pbuk says

    Some people easily get bored with what they don’t understand while others will try to make sense of it… As for the rest, they make do best with what they have…

    Which one are you?

    I got one because it serves my purpose…

  46. chaly says

    Coming to this article I expected to read features about the camera that the author did not like. Instead the author strait bashes on the Canon 7d. All of the “hate” is found on this article is almost on all current higher end model. except for the kit lens option. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. All of the complaints the author has are decision can be made before touching the camera. Horrible article!! My first post ever on an article. I had to say just horrible.