Nikon D4 Coming December 2009?

Nikon D4

We got the Nikon D3X for Christmas last year.  So, why not the Nikon D4 for Christmas this year?

Our friends at Southern Photo Technical Service are again claiming to have info on the Nikon D4:

1. It will be announced December 2009.

2. It will have video.

3. It will be ground breaking.

4. Chuck Norris already has one.

Ok, so I made the last one up . . . but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

What do you think about video in a flagship camera?

Pros, will you use video?

Will you avoid the camera because of the video feature?




  1. Brandon says

    I would love video in a pro body. I currently use the D3, and won’t upgrade until Nikon makes something with video.

  2. Rick says

    The D4 sounds great ! I’m sure the price will more than SUCK ! As a 25 year Nikon user, I keep looking at Canon cameras being canon seems to be more in tune to what photographers are asking for in the way of equipment…

    Video ? If I want to shoot video, I’d buy a VIDEO CAMERA that has PRO features. Video is NOT a selling point in a still camera for me.

  3. Randy G says

    Nikon Should make a dedicated video camera like canon did for poeple the whan pro video
    I like the D3 its going to be hard to match its quality
    I wish the would changed the wireless the new WT 4 is a pain in the *** now i have this wire getting in my way all the time I liked the WT 2 work just fine and was out of the way

  4. Yannick L-W says

    I don’t think video will be a major selling point unless they get full 1080p, at 30fps, without or with very minimal rolling shutter. The problem I have with current DSLRs that shoot video is that they don’t autofocus (which nikon has fixed with the D300s), rolling shutter, only 720p @ 30 fps… if that, and even the cheapest HD handy-cam takes better video.