Canon 7D Parts Photo Leaked?

UPDATE: The Canon 7D has been officially announced.  Read more on Photography Bay’s Canon 7D Reviews and Resources. Check availability at

Canon 7D

Is this an image of the Canon 7D‘s top?  I don’t know, but it looks like a real something…

What’s different from the 5D Mark II?

  • On/Off Switch in a different location (I think I like this better)
  • Pop-up flash
  • New M-Fn button near the front scroll wheel

Other than that, it looks a lot like the current Canon 5D Mark II.

[via DPR forum]



  1. Melomind says

    Oh yeahh!!! Waiting for this new one! I’d buy 5DMKII yet I hate it’s slow shutter and autofocus, really want a decent replacement with improved video control! Eric – you inspired me a lot and gave a hope!!! =)))

  2. ppastoris says

    > 5DMKII … slow shutter and autofocus

    Slow autofocus? Compared to what? I’m under impression that most people who criticize 5Ds AF have never used a 5D. AF is very fast, in bright to low light at least. Adequate for moderately fast sports (I personally used it for dancesport in medium light (1/400@F4@ISO4000) – 99% of shots are spot on)