Nikon D700x Rumor Update

Several tips and rumors have been flowing in over at Nikon Rumors concerning an update to the D700, which tipsters are calling the D700x.  This camera has been in the rumor mill since before the D3x was announced and many Nikonians have lusted after the thought of a D700-like camera body packed with a D3x-type sensor.

“I was at *** 2009 show earlier this year in ***, and was asking a staff member on the Nikon stand about the D700 replacement/upgrade. I was told whatever replaces it will be released in October/November 2009, but they would say no more than that.”

“My D300 is in for service at Nikon (bad aperture control module) and I asked the tech when a new dslr was being released and which one. He responded with the D700x this fall. A 24mp replacement for the D700.”

While such a camera might make sense when looking at the Nikon D700’s biggest competitor (Canon 5D Mark II), it doesn’t really fit into Nikon’s lineup very well.  As posited by Nikon Rumors, a Nikon D700x with a  12.3 megapixel sensor that also captures video and can do a few new tricks seems to be the most likely D700 replacement for this fall anyway.  As such, it would fit nicely with the all-but-official Nikon D300s, which we expect around the first of August.

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Rabby says

    A D700x similar to current D700 but with video. Doesn’t seem likely to me. I for one would see this as a backward step. Anyone prepared to shell out this kind of money wants quality not gimmicks. What is wanted by most consumers at this level is the superb D700 with a higher resolution sensor. Anything else will be a flop, You heard it here first.


  2. Neal Andrews says

    Video is no gimmick. The inevitable death of print journalism means that photograohers will be combining still images with video and audio into multimedia videos. 21mp on the Canon 5D mk2 is completely unecessary, whereas the low light/low noise capability of my Nikon D700 is truly amazing, but I wish it had HD video, which is what makes the Canon a better all-rounder.