Samsung GX-30 and NX Series Rumored for July 7

Update: As of 1/4/10, the Samsung NX10 has been officially announced.  For more details, click here.

A bit a rumor-mongering and “reports” suggest a July 7th announcement date for the Samsung GX-30 and an NX Series camera.

This post at Pentax Forums alludes the July 7 announce date, while following up with a couple of pictures I took at PMA 2009 of the new NX series prototype.  These images actually appeared on the promo screen, which was essentially a slide show of a NX series mockup that showed “features” of the coming camera system. 

Photo Rumors picked up the rumor here; however, it references that the GX-30 may be called an NX-30.  I do not think this will be the case because the GX series is designated as their DSLR line and Samsung has not been posturing for the release of a GX-30 DSLR.

After talking to the Samsung crew at PMA 2009, I think it is abundantly clear that the hybrid camera will carry the NX name and if there is a DSLR coming, it will not carry the NX moniker.

Additionally, a commenter (Xian) in to the Photo Rumors post, again references the July 7 date and names the following camera models:

  • GX30 (DSLR)
  • NX3 (Hybrid camera)
  • HZ30W / WB700 (compact camera)

I can confirm that the July announcement date coincides with my discussions with Samsung at PMA:

Initially, Samsung will launch a single NX series model and hopes to have more in the works by PMA 2010. This initial launch will probably take place in July 2009; however, it should definitely occur in the second half of 2009. Additionally, Samsung is planning on shipping the new NX model by the end of 2009.

[via Samsung NX Series: A Closer Look, March 2009]

I have no additional thoughts on a Samsung GX-30, except that it appears to be gaining steam as a rumor.  We’ll know next month I suppose.  Until then, stay tuned.