Samsung NX Series – A Closer Look

The Samsung NX Series mockups were on display, albeit behind glass, at PMA 2009.  Hoping to get more info out of Samsung personnel than the scant press release revealed, I launched into a series of questions about the new NX cameras.  Unfortunately, details were wrapped up so tight that the representatives on the floor claimed complete ignorance to anything other than what was displayed on the show floor – and even then continued to qualify the apparent specifications with suggestions that “these are just mockups” and “anything can change between now and final release.”

That said, Samsung seemed to be quite optimistic at the fact that people were actually talking about Samsung cameras (e.g., blogs and forums buzzing about what kind of lens mount, etc.).  Speaking of the lens mount, Samsung was completely noncommital about whether or not the NX series would use the K-mount featured on the GX-20 – even though the mockups clearly showed another type of mount.  When pressed on this question, Samsung reps delivered the retorts referenced earlier about how anything could change.

Assuming that the product mockups are accurate (and according to Samsung reps, that’s a big assumption), let’s take a look at what the cameras could feature.

Samsung NX Features

  • Popup flash
  • Hotshoe
  • SD card compatibility
  • Video (presumably HD)
  • HDMI out
  • WiFi
  • 3 color options for bodies – Black, Gray, Red

Samsung NX Mode Dial Settings

  • Smart setting (i.e., full auto)
  • Program
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Manual
  • Video
  • Landscape
  • Night
  • Beauty Shot (smoothes imperfections, boosts contrast/color)

Samsung NX Series Lenses

In addition to the NX camera mockups, there were also some lens mockups on display.  As best as I could determine, there were three different lens models.

  • 1 standard zoom
  • 1 telephoto zoom
  • 1 pancake prime

Assuming that the APS-C sensor is a true 1.5x crop sensor, the lenses should follow the standard range for other systems (e.g., 18-55mm, 55-200mm, and possibly a 30mm or 50mm pancake). Each of the zoom lenses featured two switches on the side, which I would assume activate autofocus and image stabilization, respectively.  However, that seems a little off mark for Samsung given the use of the sensor-based image stabilization in the GX-20.  Keep in mind this is simply guesswork and the use of those deductive reasoning classes I once took.

The price point is not yet set (or, perhaps “revealed” is a better word).  Back to quasi-facts: Initially, Samsung will launch a single NX series model and hopes to have more in the works by PMA 2010.  This initial launch will probably take place in July 2009; however, it should definitely occur in the second half of 2009.  Additionally, Samsung is planning on shipping the new NX model by the end of 2009.



  1. RB says

    Guys: There is no way this (if it ever comes out) can have a K-mount.

    The flange-to-sensor distance is simply not large enough to accomodate PK lenses.

    This will most definitely be a new “modern” mount, possibly with an adapter to mount K-mount lenses.

    There would be no real point mimicking the K-mount with its limitations anyway.

  2. Jose says

    I think is very probable that:
    -standarzoom: 16-50mm (24-75mm f/2.8)
    -telezoom: 50-150mm (75-225mm f/2.8)
    -prime pancake: 24mm (36mm f/XX)

    Some pictures show “F1.2″ a faster lens.