Canon 60D = Turbocharged 50D?

The latest rumors to surface from the never-ending stream of sources over at Canon Rumors pegs the Canon 60D as somewhat of a turbocharged version of the Canon 50D.  Here’s the latest potential spec list:

  • 15.1 megapixels
  • ISO 100-25600
  • 7 fps
  • Digic V
  • Movie-mode: 1080p with 30 and 24fps
  • built in GPS for geo-tagging
  • only a SD-card slot (no CF)
  • 148×109x75mm and 738g

Everything else, remains as-is from the current 50D.  This spec-list is similar to what we’ve seen in previous Canon 60D / 7D rumors.

Granted, those specs don’t make for much of a slouch DSLR.  That 15.1 megapixel sensor has served well in the 50D and the Rebel T1i.  I, for one, would certainly welcome another round of it with improved noise control – particularly after seeing how well the Rebel T1i performs at ISO 3200-6400.  We sure don’t need any more pixels in these crop-sensor DSLRs until we get noise under control and perhaps some better glass to fully take advantage of the resolution.



  1. says

    “We sure don’t need any more pixels in these crop-sensor DSLRs until we get noise under control”

    That cracks me up. The T1i’s ISO3200 is getting close to my 40D’s ISO800 performance and way better than my 20D’s ever was. I do agree that the 60D will be another minor model change. It seems that Canon still wants to stick to a 3-year platform cycle while still offering internal spec updates on their consumer dSLRs every year.

  2. says

    Why on earth would they switch this line from CF cards to SD cards. I probably have close to a $1000 in CF cards. It doesn’t make sense to me. I bet someone just made this up.

    • says

      I hope you’re right Stephen. I too have a ton of CF cards. I prefer them over the SD cards because of the size. SD cards are just too darn small for me to keep up with.

  3. Jim says

    Awefully soon for another iteration of the 30/40/50D line. I’d like to see better autofocus before any of the other “wish list” features, but that would take the 30/40/50D product line too close to the 1D line.

  4. HarryBalz says

    CF cards use a large number of very fragile pins to connect with and SD cards use a more robust connection. Take a look inside your camera sometime to see what I mean. 2 years from now we’ll all be upset because the next flash format will displace SD…

  5. says

    I too have a lot of money wrapped up in CF cards. I recently invested in a Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA hard drive as well, which has put all but 2 CF cards back in by camera bag. Although I am often frustrated at the decline of value in all of my electronics, I recognize that it is a fact of life. I am in full agreement on the point that CF cards have a multitude of very fragile pins, and I really do like the simplicity in design of SD cards, however, none of that is really important since I don’t go jamming my CF cards in my camera with enough violent force or carelessness to bend the pins. What IS important to me is the transfer speed of the cards. I currently only use 8gb and 16gb 300x UDMA cards. This allows for rapid data transfer between my camera and the card, and the card and my hard drive, which ultimately allows me to shoot 250gb using only 2 CF cards without ever interupting my shooting (accept to change the card). If SD cards can provide the same (or better) transfer speeds, I will welcome them into my life. When I sell my 40D and 50D, I’ll unload my CF cards with them.

  6. Carl says

    I would welcome the SD card as a CF card bent a pin in my 40D costing me almost $300 on a in-warranty camera. It was only the 3rd time I inserted a CF card – the pins are too fragile!

  7. says

    Well, after doing a little research, I found that SD cards are “up to speed” and are available up to at least 32gb. Looks like there are class 6 cards, and they have started rating them by “guaranteed minimum speeds, rather than maximum speeds. On another note, Apple has just announced that their new laptops will come with an SD card slot rather than an Express card slot. If you have ever viewed or edited photos and video on an Apple, you’ll apreciate this. I don’t want to change the thread to Apple, it was just a thought. Anyway, when it comes down to it, there is a definative reason that I have been a Canon user for 19 years. Canon has always provided me with the best available tools do perform my craft, and despite all of the speculation, I am confident that they are going to continue to impress me. I doubt the 60D will be any exception to this. As for the HD video, I think they should leave that to the camcorders, but hey, if it’s there, it’s there. Who am I to complain. I suppose for me, since I shoot a lot of in-water shots, it will save me a bundle in waterproof gear if I ever want to make a video.

  8. narsing sanchez,Brunei says

    I love my Canon EOS 50D…all i have to say is, this is the best for me, i also use Cf Card rather than that SD, coz of the speed, speed and speed…

  9. Ed Lark says

    Digic V intriguing, SD not for me. In like the dependability of the CF. I have have SD’s fail on several occasions with a powershot.
    In have a 50D and love it. The proposed changes are not enough for me to upgrade. I also agree with Christopher about the HD video. There is no need for it. Geo tracking? no need for it. My next camera is more than likely going to be the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and Dual digic 3 that will probably kick the digic v’s butt. I am reminded of advice that a friend gave me years ago on buying HI-FI gear. “only buy what you can hear” No frills just the quality of sound. It’s the same with Cameras It’s all about the image.

    My 2 cents,

  10. Jeff Tingey says

    Since owning the 20D I had lost interest in the Rebel line. However, the new 500D may change that. The feature set, the 14bit A/D conversion and picture quality are getting to the point of “good enough” at a reasonable price line. The next big deal for me is getting better printer resolution. Most printers interpolate files down to 5mp or less, so the 8×10’s from my old G2 still impress!

  11. says

    I really do have to echo the comments of Christopher M. Cassidy regarding the treatment we photographers (and some of our assistants) mete out to CF cards. I have had to read the riot act on more than one occasion to people (including my wife) who don’t understand that violently ramming CF cards into slots don’t protect their delicate pins. I would NEVER had treated a roll of NEOPAN that way, why now would I do the same to my newly acquired UDMA 8gb cards? Respect for one’s equipment really is due.

  12. David says

    Video is a nice addition. Main point is that we have all of our photo optics available – far beyond any consumer hd camera can provide. Even taking into account braces and mounts to help handle a camera like a video camera, we’re still getting performance and image equivalent to a 50,000$ video setup.

    The video is a huge deal for video people. For the rest of us its just a nice addition.

  13. Graham says

    Geotagging is one feature I would love to have on my camera (50D). It’s about the only feature that caught my attention, it’s still not enough to make me want to upgrade.

  14. Kevin says

    Wow…a lot has happened since I thouroughly reviewed and selected my 20D in August 2005. I spent about $2K on the camera at that time(and that was without the flash…I bought the flash later that year for another $400). I was annoyed to hear about the 30D then 40D then 50D but I think when they go to the 60D I may finally pull the trigger and upgrade. I’m sort of glad I waited. LOL

    At first I was annoyed because I was thinking if the 20D cost me $2K then by now some 50D is probably running at $2.5-3K but then I (saw)remembered that we can always get the body for much cheaper (only $1200 for the 50D)and still use the same lenses, flash($400), bag, etc…saving money. I wish they could go one better like a car dealership by letting you trade in your body for some credit.

    Either way…an extra $1000 for an upgrade is fair…much better than starting over from scratch.

  15. CtrlAltDel says

    You guys spent too much on your CF cards or have a bunch. I have 5 – 4GB (20GB) cards that I spent no more than $200 for over the years.

    Current SD prices I can double my GB amount for the same price. Get over it.

  16. Ron says

    No new product anouncment today. Maybe tommorow. I’m still shooting my old Rebel XT and am ready for an upgrade. I’ve upgraded to better glass over the years and my pics equal anything I’ve seen from the newer cameras, so I waiting for the right mix of features. I’d like to see Geotagging. I use GISTEQ PhotoTracker to tag pics when I’m traveling now, but would love to have that feature in the camera.

  17. Ray Ramirez says

    I was hoping that Canon would finally put an articulated LCD screen on the D60 or D7. Why not? Photographers want it and other camera makes are putting this feature on their DSLR cameras. Why is canon, who pioneered this feature with the Pro 90-IS now lagging behind?

  18. says

    On the discussion of SD vd CF: CF has a more positive contact surface per pin. The SD cards have a lot of contact surface, but the slots do not. They potentially wear better, but you know a CF card is in when it’s in. A stray bit of crud could stop contact on an sd card intermittently, where a CF card either works or doesn’t.

    I’m a Nikon owner, and the only time I’ve had a CF card/CF slot pin bending issue was on a friend’s Rebel. Never had an issue in actual usage with either card format except for that.

    CF right now maxes out at 40 MB/s download and close to that for write as well. Newer CF may double that, but I haven’t tested them. SD seems to max out at around 15 MB/s read/write.

    I bought a 16GB CF card for $120 a year ago. It’s read/write as tested by me is 40MB/s and 25 MB/s respectively. A bought a 32gb class 6 SD half a year ago. for $30. The SD is 1/3 the price…but it’s also less than 1/4 the speed in actual use.