Sony A800 Rumor Update

Another wish spec-list has surfaced on the Sony A800.  While doubtful, I thought I would pass this one along as well.

Sony A800 Specs (Rumor #3)

  • 16.2MP full frame sensor exmor R (new technology)
  • 100-25600 ISO
  • 8 frame/sec
  • SSI, same a900 OVF, new AF system,
  • GPS and WiFi built-in
  • 3.5 in. LCD display
  • Pop-up flash
  • Flash sync (1/500)
  • Camera level
  • 23 AF sensors
  • Quick Live View
  • Video Full HD
  • Dust/splashes sealed
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy body
  • Released early September, 2009

Seems a little ambitious to me . . . .  I like the previous list better as specs that we might actually see.  To be fair, Photo Rumors doesn’t give the tip any real credence either.

[DPR forum via Photo Rumors]



  1. ptys says

    I wonder about the weather sealing of the body, when none of the offered lenses are weather sealed…

  2. says

    If it will be less than 5D MKII, I will hurry up to buy.
    I expecting A800 will have monochromic aoptional LCD on the top body. It is really essential

  3. Michael from Denmark says

    What will you estimate the price for the camera? Just approx.
    Kind regards
    Michael from Denmark

  4. Matěj from Czech says

    I mean just (and only) price of this body /only around/ because
    it will be interesting comparsion with new Canon Eos 5D MarkII.

  5. Gary Loh says

    Very impressive.
    1.A800 with Built In Flash which A900 dont have. (I had experience bad contact with external flash several times, and luckily my A700 with built in flash.)
    2. Dust Splashes Sealed. I hope this will settled my problem when i get A800. ( Internal dust gives me a lot of problems especially when i take a shot at a beautiful blue sky, with lens 1635Z set 16>18mm, f18>22,1/160, set vivid all at +3,i can see quite a lot of dust shadows.
    3.Full Frame. I will mount my 1635z to A800,to enjoy the wideness and A700 mount with my 70200G, 2X converter to enjoy 600mm shot for wildlife at f5.6.
    Lastly, if the price is too high, beyond my budget, then, its too bad.

  6. Gary Loh says

    Oops! I would like to continue what i forget to mention.
    4. Flash Syn 1/500 (I will find it very usefull as my A700 only got 1/200)
    5. 16.2MP (I personally feel it is slightly too high, because i believe most photographers using this body wll take a good composition shots, less cropping. So i feel it take a lot in our memory space when we uses Raw Format. Unless Sony will mention 32G memory card support without affecting the 8frames/sec.
    6.ISO 25600 is very high (I do not ask much. If ISO 6400 do not give noises, I am very very satisfied and very very happy)
    7. The rest of the extra specs are not very important to me.