Sony A800

Sony A800 rumors have picked up over the past couple of days.  And there appears to be a couple of different (yet similar) specification lists floating around.

Sony A800 Rumored Specs (version 1)

  • body design similar to A700
  • 100% OVF (pentaprism bigger than A700)
  • 15.2Mp APS-C CMOS
  • ISO 200-6400 expandable to 100 & 12800
  • Quick LV
  • flippable back LCD
  • 6.5 frame per second
  • New high speed flash sync
  • 9 double cross f/2.8 AF sensor (23 total AF sensor)
  • New metering and AF sensor with tracking and previous focus
  • Dual AF Ultra-Speed motor ??
  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • Dual memory card slot CF & MS
  • New battery
  • A700 grip will be compatible
  • micro AF adjustment
  • full function eyestarter (pre-focus)

(via DPR)

Sony A800 Rumored Specs (version 2)

  • 15.2Mpx APS-C CMOS Exmor “R” sensor
  • ISO 100-12.800
  • 6.5 frame per second
  • New high speed flash sync
  • 9 double cross f/2.8 AF sensor (23 total AF sensor)
  • New metering and AF sensor with tracking and previous focus
  • Dual AF Ultr-Speed motor ??
  • Wi-Fi built-in


If anything, I think the first spec list is a crock. The second list, however, seems doable, and in line with the competition from Canon and Nikon.

The first list looks like someone took version 2 and added in a wish list of features. I don’t see how Sony could possibly stuff a 100% viewfinder and their quick AF Live View into one pentaprism.  It’s just impractical from a design standpoint.  Sony’s quick AF Live View requires a second sensor in the pentaprism to capture the image for Live View display.  That’s a lot of hardware up around the viewfinder.  I could see one or the other in the A800, but not both.

All in all, these rumors (or version 2 anyway) are in line with the email tip that I received from someone who provided accurate info on the A900 that the entire Sony Alpha DSLR lineup will be replaced in 2009.

Presumably, the Sony A800 would replace the Sony A700, which has been around for a year and a half now.  Seeing as how the A700 features a 12.24 megapixel CMOS sensor, I think a jump up to 15 megapixels would be rather conservative in light of the never-ending megapixel wars.  PMA 2009 is just over a month away, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until we know what Sony and everyone else has up their sleeves.

Have you seen, heard of, or thought about the Sony A800?  Let us know in the comments below.


6/2/09: Yet another rumored spec list surfaces.  (Read more)



  1. says

    Jonas, It’s the future of DSRL’s. Why get caught in the past and risk being pushed around by the bigger guys? I wouldn’t use video mode, but I’d have no problem with it being there unless it effects other performance somehow. It would be useful for my gf to borrow though, she is into videography/writing.

  2. Ynos says

    What the … is Dual AF Ultra-Speed motor?? Anyway; I have several DT-lenses, so I hope it’s NOT full frame! Best news: 6,5 fps :-) Bad news (if it’s correct): New battery. Whole line from A200 to A900 already share the same NP500.

  3. says

    There is no need for this to be a full frame camera. The biggest problem is once you go full frame you have just eliminated a bunch of lenses from the arsenal. You would be forced to get the older minolta lenses used on 35MM cameras, or buy the newers ones which are expensive. I already own an A100, and have 5 lenses for it. I am about to upgrade to the A700 because all my lenses will work perfect on that unit. There are a lot of guys like me who’s first SLR was the A100. We learned about photography with that, and now are ready to make to upgrade to something more sophisticated. I hope they keep the A800 with the same 3/4 frame as the rest of the Alpha cameras, as that would make the upgrade easy. Sony guys tend to be rather loyal to the Sony brand. As long as Sony keeps the price reasonable ( less than the current a700 ) many will make the upgrade.

  4. Ruben Larsson says

    WhiteSites, why would the A800 cost less than the A700? The A800 is better speced (considering all rumour specs are right) than the A700. And Sony D-SLRs usually have a decent price/quality ratio.

    But your right, many A100 owners will want to upgrade and they probably have a few newly purchased lenses too, so I will guess they stick with the APS-C, as rumoured.

  5. says

    I hope the new a800 is full frame! I have abag full of lenses from my 8000i and have been waiting for a full frame body with live view..

  6. Romeo says


    You can get a lot of great full frame glass:

    50/1.7 around $100
    28/2.8 around $80
    100-200/4.5 around $80
    70-210/4 around $150
    28-85/3.5-4.5 around $80

    For really cheap! My suggestion get it now before prices go up again. I dont have DT lens in my line up. I suggest you sell some of them and buy some old full framers.

  7. Romeo says

    also i wont upgrade to this Alpha. I’ll keep my a700. I am waiting for a cheap full framer, hopefully the a1000 with 16mp.

  8. Henk says

    I will not even look at it.
    It would have to have a full frame, and I don’t need a Dual AF Ultra speed motor stripping my Beercan’s gears.
    I have lots of 35mm Minolta glass with no Sony Camera worthy of it.
    Thanks but no thanks
    And if you need to shoot a movie buy a Camcorder.

  9. bigfoot says

    i am rootin for good low light ISO performance…the Exmor R sensor sounds great…with clean low noise jpegs…also hoping for a sharp crisp live view…not one like on the a350 which is really too soft to be of any value…also wish the wifi would be optional to hold down the cost as i dont think i would use it that much…cudos if the a 700 grip will work, it has a pop up flash, and the more megapixels the better…bring it on Sony!

  10. someguy says

    if Sony would would bring the high ISO performance on par with the Nikon d90, Nikon d300, Nikon d3 and the Canon 5d Mark II they can be real serious contenders against Canikon, so far they have failed, even with firmware V4 on the a700. In addition to the Exmor “R” sensor a next generation of the Bionz processor will most certainly be needed, along with a much more advance focusing system like the d300 or better.

    I am put off by Canikon for refusing to put stabilisation in the body and charging double for stabilised lenses.

  11. says

    What is needed is an A1000 not just tinkering around the edges. A full pro full frame without the problems with anything over ISO 400 all Sony owners suffer from now.But I guess all that ambition has gone with losses Sony have been making. But once you have gone to full frame promised land, you just aint a going back

  12. nikcansonolysig says

    I think sony is being taken seriously. To be honest the noise performance on the a700 closely matches that of the d300. Im not talking aesthetically but the two cameras are pretty clean. Canon’s 50d has good noise performance BUT when compared to the d300 or a700 and even the older 40d, it doesn’t look so good. I currently have the a700 and wished the focusing was more sophisticated, and of course have live view. O ya and toss in some weather proofing too :)

    I do agree about the noise problem of Sony’s a900. The a900 is a fantastic camera but cant compare with Canon 5d mark II or Nikon’s d700 noise wise. I was surprised that it had so much noise for a full frame sensor, but even with that, the a900 does have better color rendition than the big two equivalents. It just bugs me so much that noise is such a problem with Sony’s flagship…
    Also I don’t find it fair that a lot of online reviewers are comparing the Sony a900 with canon’s 1ds and Nikon’s d3 d3x??? What the hell lol. a900 is around $3,000 and is comparing its noise with cameras that cost more than double the price?

  13. Gary Loh from Malaysia says

    Well well!
    As the above specs version 1 and 2, it doesn’t mention full frame. So i have nothing much to say because i already own A700, Vgrip, lens 1635z, 70200G, 2X converter.
    Supposed, A800 it is Full Frame, Built In Flash, reasonable price then i will definetely rush for it.
    So that, this A800 can mount my 1635z to enjoy the wideness, my A700 will mount 70200G with 2X converter to enjoy 600mm zoom, f5.6 for wildlife,etc. So that, I can get full advantage with this 2 Bodies A700, A800
    Then i dont have much problems to get internal dust while changing lenses.
    Lastly, I would like say that i have no intend to change other brands even if other brands is much better then Sony, because i already invested to those Sony Lenses.

  14. John Smith says

    It probably will not have the secondary sensor because that would compromise the viewfinder, and therfore alienate the existing A700 userbase. I can see a traditional live view perhaps but considering A850 perhaps not.

    6.5fps and 15-16 megapixels sounds right though.