Nikon D400 Rumor Updates

One of the biggest rumors floating around right now is the Nikon D400.  Rumors of this camera have been swirling since late 2008.  Rumor has it that the Nikon D400 specs will be 14.8MP, cover ISO 50-25,600, and can shoot HD video.  Last month, the rumors really picked up, particularly in light of a Nikon D400 book that surfaced on a variety of sites, including

Nikon Rumors has been staying on top of the Nikon D400 buzz and uncovered the same book on the publisher’s website.  Also, a NR reader called up the author of the book and said, “He has a NDA with Nikon, that was clear to me, but his work on the book is real so we may see a D400 in summer.”

Stay tuned for the latest word on whether or not the Nikon D400 will come to fruition.  Also, you would do well to check out the Nikon Rumors site at if you are into the Nikon scene.



  1. Calvin says

    Beware that the creditability of Nikonrumors is decreasing. Today it reports someone see 35mm f/1.4 in stock and thinks that it should be the “new” AF-S 35mm f/1.4 FX. However, NR does not know that there is a AIS 35mm f/1.4 still in production…

  2. says

    Beware the credibility of rumors on the internet are decreasing. *yawn*

    I suspect 14mp because it would mean an existing sensor with Nikon tweaking ala D3x. The D3x became an inevitability when Sony announced the sensor in January of 2008. Likewise, it’s only a matter of time before Nikon starts using Sony’s 14mp sensor in something, provided that they can make it as pretty at higher ISO as the d300/d90. That something would make sense in a dx00 level body, since Nikon’s marketing makes sense in the way it tends introduce features in higher level bodies and trickle them down to lower, unlike Sony who’s marketing still confuses me.

    That said, why even bother? 12mp and 14mp are so close that such a camera would be a snoozer. Except to bring down the price of the d300. Which is already nudged down in the consumer’s minds by the quite excellent d90.

  3. blake says

    That picture you posted was debunked about a month ago… Not saying the D400 isnt going to happen, but that isnt it.

  4. Rich says

    I can’t wait, I am buying a D700 now and using the battery grip on it. At least I will be able to sell my D300 at a higher price now- before the D400 is announced.