Canon 5D Mark II Does the Bellagio Fountains

I couldn’t resist doing a video with the 5D Mark II and EF 17-40mm f/4 L of the Bellagio fountains while in Vegas for PMA. Unfortunately, the embedded version is nowhere near as crisp as the original file. You can see a higher quality version on the actual YouTube page here (just click the HQ icon).

I would love to share the original file; however, it is 1.23 GB, which is larger than the online video sharing that I know of will allow. The version that I uploaded to YouTube was compressed to 883MB.

Does anyone know of a free solution to get the original video file online? I just don’t have enough bandwidth to share it on my server.

UPDATE: Here’s the original 1.23GB file as hosted on DropBox. Right click and “Save As…”



  1. says


    If you install DropBox (, you get up to 2GB off the bat, and you can upload files to a “public” folder within it, which allows you to share a HTTP link to the file….

    – d.

  2. Jon says

    If you can get it down to 500 MB, you can put it on Vimeo where users can watch it through their Flash player or download the original (if you let them).

  3. Scott says

    Someone of Photography on the net sent me this (for embedding the video in HD from youtube):

    1. Find a video encoded in HD at YouTube (it will have a “watch in HD” link below the video if a HD version is available), make note of the the videos “ID” in the url, it is right after “watch?v=”

    2. Copy the embed code below and paste it where the video will be embeded at.

  4. Pablov says

    Hi Eric, Beatiful clip, thanks for sharing!!

    – How good is the noise level in the dark sky (in your original file?)

    – I would also like to make an out-of-topic comment, but also related to the 5D Mark II, wich shows so good potential for filming task:

    (if you think this should be in another topic, please accept my apologizes and move it)

    I just wanted to share this information with all who might be interested:

    There’s an online Petition to Canon suggesting and requesting some improvements that can be implemented via Firmware Updates to the EOS 5D Mark II

    The petition was made for the benefit of ALL users of this Great camera and to get more advantage of its huge potential.

    Here is the petition:
    www . petitiononline . com /5dmark2/petition.html

    It was posted 2 days ago.
    It’s not perfect, but was made trying to include the most requested improvements and functions by users and customers all around the world, that mostly can be achieved via firmware update. That’s why it includes more than one suggestion.

    If you think one or more of the listed improvements deserve to be implemented, Please sign it, share and spread it as much as possible.
    It only takes a moment and we have nothing to loose.

    This was an effort from many people for the whole Canon Community.

    Thanks a lo!

  5. says


    There is some noise in there at 100%, but I feel that it’s minor considering the lighting conditions and the dynamic range that the 5D Mark II captures.

  6. Pablov says


    Thanks a lot for the answer. I hope that if Canon releases a firmware update allowing users to set ISO (and Aperture and shutter) Manually, we could get even better results.

    The full auto mode for movie mode will try to set high ISO at low light (thus more noise) but I’m not sure how well it manages the aperture and shutter settings

    – I wonder if your camera did set the lens to f4 and the lowest possible ISO to minimize noise, or just increassed ISO and kept your aperture small… (would be nice to know the values it used)

    – Of course we won’t get a night-vision camera, but if FULL Manual Control is delivered by Canon, then we have more chances for better footage quality..