No New Nikon DSLRs at PMA

I just confirmed from Nikon at PMA what we all were beginning to believe. There will, in fact, be no new DSLRs from Nikon at PMA.

That means the rumors for the Nikon D5000, D65 and D400 were bogus rumors . . . as far as PMA releases are concerned.  We’ll be keeping the ears to the ground though for possible Summer 2009 DSLR releases.

As noted yesterday, Nikon is really pushing the success of the D700, among its other DSLRs.



  1. Jonathan Wylie says

    Hmmm, not a huge surprise I guess. If there was anything new to be released it is usually leaked by now somewhere. Makes me happy in my recent D90 purchase. Still a new camera for a few more months…

  2. says

    Thanks for the info.

    I’m not surprised there is nothing new as there needs to be more time between the D90 and D700 and the next news.

    What Nikon has to do now is lower the price of the D700 as it is over priced since the Canon 5D Mk2 was released at the price it was released at.

  3. Manfred says

    As far as I can see, rumours seem to be a mixture of real information, customers demand and competitors’ countermeasures.
    Disregarding if Nikon launches no DSLR like a D700x/D800/D900 at PMA or during the following months: the pricing of D3x was a mistake and they will lose marketshare against Canon.
    There may be two good reasons why they are pushing sales of D700: sales are not overwhelming because people are waiting for a 20+MB-version or they are going to introduce such a model during the next months but have sell out all stocks at first…