Canon 5D Mark II Video by Dan Chung

Canon EOS5DmkII, One night in Beijing. from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Here’s some more video from a 5D Mark II – this time a store-bought production model. Again, it’s very pretty video; however, the stutter in the panning has bothered me since the first video samples came out. Anybody else see this as a problem?

Details on the video:

Video filmed by Guardian photographer Dan Chung entirely on a production Canon EOS5DmkII and adapted Nikon and Zeiss lenses using manual focus. The camera was purchased to use solely as a video camera with existing Nikon kit.

The film was shot an edited in about twelve hours directly after picking the camera up from a Beijing camera store and charging the battery.

Lenses used are:
Nikon 17-35 f2.8
Nikon 80-200 f2.8
Nikon 85mm f2.8 shift lens
Nikon 16mm f2.8 fisheye

Zeiss/Contax 85mm f1.4

[Vimeo via Neutral Day]



  1. Charlie The Gold says

    Continually out of focus in most of the scenes where subjects are moving. This is a major problem.

  2. roland says

    I saw this guy and a blackman and a middle-aisa-like man purchasing this machine in Dinghao. But I don’t know why the foreigners are so eager to show the ugly side of a city. We all knows London have many crime, pederasty, drugs, prostitute…….why Englishman take these in their “video works”………..

  3. Desper says

    The background music is very Chinese!
    I was wondering that if the the owner or just the name Dan Chung was a Chinese. :) And I also want to know that if those Chinese people with bad behaviors in this short video were shot and presented in purpose.

  4. Roger says

    I don’t know if by “stuttering” you’re referring to the rolling shutter artifact that some people call the jello effect. If so, I don’t think it is much of an issue. If you watch Vincent Laforet’s Reverie in better quality than this (I even have a 1080p full resolution version) and the jello effect is virtually nonexistant. What you may be referring to is stuttering just because is streaming on the web.

    To Roland, what are you talking about? The ugly side of the city? It didn’t look all that ugly to me. And to Desper, I didn’t see any bad behavior.

  5. says

    I’m with Roger, what?! haha I liked the video. I just saw a big city, I actually didn’t see much “bad behaviors” or of an “ugly side”.

    Are you talking about the somewhat jumpy, very subtle, look to the pans? I could only really see it in the downward pan when he was videoing the reflections on the water’s surface (around 02:07).

  6. says

    obviously we are missing the point, this is still a very good STILLS camera with the video thrown in now as a freebie. if the video did not have any issues with panning / stuttering / jello etc… then canon might as well just delete their line of video cameras. this is just a very nice perk, lock this camera off on a tripod and you will get some amazing shots using the right lenses, use a video tripod and you will get some great looking panning shots. clearly these new breed of cameras do not like being “handheld” and to me thats fine, to all stills photographers, keep doing what your doing best.. shoot stills, then compliment your portfolio by doing the same with video, locked off shots. shooting video is a whole other world, i have this camera on pre-order and only ever intend to shoot with a tripod, it just makes sense, its just not supposed to be a home video camera.