Scrapblog – An Interactive Twist on Scrapbooking

Scrapblog is a site that takes a twist on scrapbook creation and sharing.  While you can join, create and share your electronic scrapbook for free, you can also order a print version of your creation.  Additionally, it’s not just limited to scrapbook style creations.  You can also create greeting cards and postcards.

The prices are not prohibitive on their photobook offerings:

Softcover Books (6″ x 4″) – $9.99

Softcover Books (9″ x 6″) – $14.99

Hardcover “Keepsake” Books – $34.99

However, the $1.59ea for greeting cards is a little more than I’m willing to pay, given my ever-growing Christmas card list.  Smaller occasions might garner a second look though.

I recently tried out Scrapblog and had the opportunity to review a number of product samples.  Everything is good quality considering what you are asking for.  Don’t expect “print” quality pages in your photobooks; however, the quality is on par with, or better than, other photobooks that I’ve seen.  The cards look nice and are printed with the heavy cardstock that you would expect.

If you’re looking for a photobook to give as a gift for someone, I would recommend sticking with the hardcover book.  It’s very well done.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the softcover books.  I preppped a 9″ x 6″ book featuring my daughter’s first year highlights.  While the online program is very intuitive and fast to work with, the final printed product was not quite the “wow” that I was expecting.  (Shipping is lightning fast too, by the way.)

Again, I’d go with the hardcover version as opposed to the softcover books for all but the most trivial print jobs.  All in all, I give the Scrapblog experience a thumbs up, assuming you pick the right product to on which to share your memories.



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    Eric, please don’t embed auto-starting videos in blog posts – scrapblog may be awesome, but there’s nothing like having to sift through my RSS reader trying to find the one blog entry that autostarted playing a video to ruin the experience.

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    @dominic – Sorry ’bout that. It didn’t auto-start on the source page and I didn’t notice the auto-start until after I published it and the post went out. I’ve removed the video for future visitors.

    I’ll do my best to avoid that in the future. Thanks for taking the time to let me know though.