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    Fair enough point on Vincent LaForet’s video. I have seen it. It’s pretty amazing. However, I suppose I considered it at least officially endorsed by Canon. This video does not appear to carry the same Canon blessing though. I expect we’ll see these picking up in numbers soon.

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    I turned the music off in order to judge it on its video-taking capabilities, not the editing capabilities of the author. I got to the 3 minute point w/o being overly impressed. Perhaps I expected more? Not sure. There was a brief point where there was a wide-angle shot coming out of the subway that *really* got my attention. And then it was back to normal. A couple fade out/focus on something else shots looked good. Other than those and the lone wide angle part, it looked very pedestrian.

    Now, I’m not saying the mkII’s a pedestrian camera. I’m sure it’ll be a fine, fine piece of machinery. Just saying that for the first 3 minutes of video, there is very little to get excited about. And perhaps I’ve been to Tokyo enough that watching normal video of everyday life there does not excite me. I was looking for things that would stick out and show me that hey- this is pretty darn cool! If I were looking to watch a cool video about Tokyo life, *now* we’re talking. In that regard, it seems to be a pretty cool production.

    As an aside, I’m wondering if I wasn’t right next to this guy recently. The fellow that was waking up partway through, I could swear I saw him not long ago. Almost took a shot of him (if it was indeed, the same guy). Heck, maybe the guy got me on video (altho’ I didn’t make it into the first 3 min :P ).

    Looking forward to seeing more out of this camera.