Unofficial Canon 5D Mark II Video

This is the first unofficial video made with Canon 5D Mark II that I’ve seen.  I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Tokyo Reality (Canon 5D MarkII) from utsuru on Vimeo.

So, what do you think of the “video” capabilities of this new DSLR?



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    Fair enough point on Vincent LaForet’s video. I have seen it. It’s pretty amazing. However, I suppose I considered it at least officially endorsed by Canon. This video does not appear to carry the same Canon blessing though. I expect we’ll see these picking up in numbers soon.

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    I turned the music off in order to judge it on its video-taking capabilities, not the editing capabilities of the author. I got to the 3 minute point w/o being overly impressed. Perhaps I expected more? Not sure. There was a brief point where there was a wide-angle shot coming out of the subway that *really* got my attention. And then it was back to normal. A couple fade out/focus on something else shots looked good. Other than those and the lone wide angle part, it looked very pedestrian.

    Now, I’m not saying the mkII’s a pedestrian camera. I’m sure it’ll be a fine, fine piece of machinery. Just saying that for the first 3 minutes of video, there is very little to get excited about. And perhaps I’ve been to Tokyo enough that watching normal video of everyday life there does not excite me. I was looking for things that would stick out and show me that hey- this is pretty darn cool! If I were looking to watch a cool video about Tokyo life, *now* we’re talking. In that regard, it seems to be a pretty cool production.

    As an aside, I’m wondering if I wasn’t right next to this guy recently. The fellow that was waking up partway through, I could swear I saw him not long ago. Almost took a shot of him (if it was indeed, the same guy). Heck, maybe the guy got me on video (altho’ I didn’t make it into the first 3 min :P ).

    Looking forward to seeing more out of this camera.