Canon Rebel XSi Steal at $599.99

Dell has a killer deal on the Canon Rebel XSi at $599.99 after $80 off with coupon code $GLW7$3SFZ930$

It was a great deal a couple weeks back when it was $629.99 for a day. This is awesome though, particularly considering that Amazon is selling it for $654.95.  I paid $900 for this kit 6 months ago – *sigh.

You must use the coupon code above to get your $80 off. The promotion is good through October 30, 2008 or after 500 purchases, whichever comes first.



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    @Wilson – No, I believe it’s the kit. Dell calls it a “3x zoom” camera, which implies that it includes the kit lens. The specs also note the kit lens is included. However, if you’re ordering one, you might give them a call to confirm that the kit lens is included . . . just to be safe.