Sony A900 and Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8 in the Wild

As usual, the eagle-eyed forum posters have dug up the inevitable – someone using the Sony A900 and Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8 lens in the wild.  While gaffer tape covers up most of the markings, there’s no mistaking this combo.

What say you?

[DPR via Xitek]



  1. Portia says

    Who, in God’s name, wants “live view”?!?! That’s idiotic, especially for a DSLR. I’m sorry, but this feature is not even on my priority list, much less a “must have”. And it uses a lot of power. Any of us who have used film SLR’s in the past do not require “live view”.

  2. Big Bill says

    I agree with Portia on this one…

    It’s something like that expression; what were once habits are now vices…so when was it that some marketing weenie decided that we needed this “live-view”? At first we all thought “what a novelty”…now it’s a “must have”. C’mon people…
    The next one coming is “HD movie” feature…soon this will also become a “must have”. Bollocks!

  3. G says

    Have you used live view on a dslr? Just asking…

    I wouldnt say its a must have, but it has its uses. At this point if u have one camera than can do it and another that cant it feels incomplete. Therefore its a “must have” if u already bought into the 40D or 1d mk3

  4. says

    Interesting – I can see a small top mounted display. Many have said it is ugly but that camera looks beautiful to me. What say you?

  5. viking says

    I also agree with Portia: it’s an unnecessary feature on a DLSR if the screen is fixed to the back and cannot tilt. However, on my Nikon Coolpix 5700, the screen is hinged and can tilt. This has been useful for taking photos with arms outstretched above my head.

  6. jwylie says

    I think this is a marketed ‘leak’ The photos are taken with…a Sony A700. This stinks of a viral leak to promote the camera.

  7. Biff Strokenoff says

    I think SLRs should be hard to use with a minimum of user coddling.

    Live View, Movie Mode, etc need to be REMOVED. not improved.

    while we’re at it, i can has split prism focus screen?

  8. says

    To me, who longs for a Leica full frame or simply a light weight canon1/nikon mini full frame for street shooting, this thing looks like five pounds of lead and glass.

    On the live view, I must say it can become addictive for former medium format shooters who used rollei twin or hasselblads.

  9. Candyman says

    Ten years ago photographers said that digital cameras are toys for children and go out of fashion in a couple of years. THE RAEAL PHOTOGRAHERS USE FILM! Today everybody is using digital.

    So with “live view” and “HD movie” feature. They are very useful. Never used a 6×6 old Hasselblad or Rolleiflex?? They have live view too.

    I recently purchased a Fujifilm Finepix S100FS. It has live view and movie. Very great camera! Not for action or beautyshots, but a very nice piece of machinery to record everything you are in and interested. Now I usually take MORE vodeo than still photos! The world changes and the way you see the word changes too. Video tells more than a picture without soud!

    If you are in graphic arts, you don’t need video. Everybody else needs.

    How I know, here are some of my cameras:

    Today I have even more cameras. Mainly I use Fujifilm S5. I prefer the filmlike “sound” of the camera. No yellow and red in the highlight areas.

    I am planing to buy this Sony A900. And hope that it has the filmlike “sound” and split prism focus screen (for my big manual focus Pentax lenses)? And wait until it has the video option.. ;) to buy the following model.
    Finepix video (awful first time amateur), taken by persons not used to handle the camera. But better is coming. I see the future in still/video cameras.

  10. says

    I’m glad somebody agrees, ;) haha

    I can’t wait to see how the images look coming out of this camera and the lenses they have. I’ll definitely have to rent one at some point, just to play.

    Thanks for posting this Eric.

  11. seyDoggy says

    look at the size of the prism! Big prism, big light. w00t! Minolta/Konica/Sony users will once again see big, bright light!

  12. says

    LiveView is completely unnecessary on a dslr. I have it on my digital compact, but that hasn’t got any optical viewfinder. :o) Sony also has liveview on the A300 and the A350. That’s one of the reasons why I chose the A700. ;o)

  13. says

    Susanne, Could you explain the logic behind buying the α700 over the α350 because the α350 has an extra feature that you don’t plan on using? What downside to having liveview were you concerned with?

  14. Gustav says

    Portia: On the really old (1960-70s) film SLR:s I remember you could remove the top prism part and look right down on the mirror from on top, much like on a Hasselblad. I think you could call that a live view of sorts don’t you?