Nikon MX Format

Nikon currently operates with two sensor formats in its DSLRs, DX and FX.  Practically speaking, the FX format is the same size as the old 35mm film frame.  The DX is smaller, which results in a “crop factor” of 1.5x when compared to the 35mm “full frame.”  Thus, a 50mm lens appears to have the focal length of a 75mm lens on a DX camera.  The Nikon D3 and D700 are FX format cameras.  All other Nikon DSLRs use a DX format sensor.

Recent rumblings and some pretty convincing evidence suggests that Nikon may have something bigger in store for us, much bigger.

Nikon’s Big Announcement

If you recall, Nikon put an ad in Rangerfinder Magazine that claimed something BIG was coming:

Initially, I suspected this related to a high-megapixel camera, like a D3x at 25MPs.  After a few other rumors have trickled out, however, it appears that the big news could be much bigger than I gave it credit.

MX Format Leaks

Nikon Rumors received an image from a reader, which suggests the existence/development of an MX format camera from Nikon:

The list on the left seems to indicate Nikon image sensor formats and image sizes by pixels.  Note, there are three listed: DX, FX and MX.

The FX image sizes suggest the Nikon D3 or D700 sensor sizes at 12 megapixels.

The MX image sizes references a max image size of 40.7 megapixels!

Nikon Watch also received some info (e.g., sensor size as 48x48mm) from a reader who appears to have some insider knowledge about the project.

A relatively compact traditional “medium format-esque” camera in a new camera line that will be aimed at studio, portrait, landscape and wedding photographers needs, with a more affordable price point than present larger format digital backs. This will allow the continuation of the D line as the sports and news photographers choice, expanding on the D3 with an upgrade to a 24mp sensor (hopefully available for the D3 body!) and future plans for 60 frame rate video recording modes in future models.

Hit up the links above for more details on the Nikon MX format and stay tuned to Photography Bay for the latest details as they roll in.

UPDATE:  A list of Nikon MX format lenses have been added to the mix of rumors:

  • AF-S MX Nikkor 24 f4.0G
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 45 f2.8G
  • AF-S MX NIkkor 85 f2.8G
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 135 f2.0G ED
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 200 F2.8G ED
  • AF-S MX Nikkor 65-180 f2.8G ED IF


  1. says

    Great, another camera “just around the corner” that will theoretically make all other cameras obsolete. If this keeps up nobody will ever buy anything ever again.

  2. Michael says

    Camera’s are becoming more and more like computers/computer components with something ‘new just around the corner’. It won’t stop people from buying/upgrading. Just means you have many more options and things to consider.

  3. says

    Although it makes some sense that too new cameras should make photographers hesitant about buying the new and dumping the old, the reality seems to be that we are all too anxiuous to grab the new — even when the new is only marginally better than the “old”. On the other hand, if photographers (pro and am) didn’t grab for the new, then fewer models would come out in smaller quantities and the prices would be that much higher and the products less innovative (Consider the Leica line of photo equipment — which once was the gold standard for 35mm photographers but which is now priced beyond most means and with less features. Since 1954, there have been 8 M models — how many Nikon SLR’s have there been in less time: F, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, Nikkorman FT, FTn, FM, FM2, FM2n, N2000, N2020, FE, FA, D1, D2H, D2Hs, D2x, D2Xs, 4004, 5005, 8008, D100, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D80, D90, D200, D300, D700 — and I bet I left out some! Not even mentioning all the coolpix varieties). I guess we buy them as fast as they come out!

  4. saiminyaku says

    the Otoji spy shot is a fake. the right page is clearly not even from the same manifest as the super-imposed left. the right page speaks of being frugal with grocercies and things of the food nature whereas the other side could’ve easily been made by anyone. in addition, these given specs do not match the current rumored 48×48 by any means.

    still crossing my fingers that this thing will be at least three times cheaper than other high-end rangefinders.

    i think someone should start digging Canon’s grave for them.

  5. Big Bill says

    I want an enormous friggin’ sensor…something similar in size to the film that Ansel Adams was using…

    No less than 450mp, live-view, HD movie, built-in picture taker. Ya know, when you’re looking one way but the action is somewhere else…the camera will spin yer sorry butt around and just take the pic for ya!! – then you can show all your friends what a friggin’ genius you are. Just hope no one asks you what an f-stop is…

  6. Randolph Ormbsy says

    40mp would almost = MF which has a res = to 50. 4×5 = 125. I say a 28-36mp body with interchangeable backs. May be square who knows. Itz coming trust me said the ostrich.

  7. says

    following the rumor mill is exasperating. I am pretty easy to please; I want something from Nikon that will compete and compare favorably to the Canon 5D Mark ll, other than the D700 in terms of megapixels. Is that too much to hope for?

  8. jose luis says

    personaly, I don’t agree with saiminyko.
    on this very competitive market, you have to follow the new end.
    even leica, on the few past years have launch too many models on a target we never think they will involved.
    the things here are about to survive on a truely much competitive market.
    look on d-lux and digilux and the other consumer ranges from other companies.
    the company called “mr patent maker” (my way to see konica minolta) was gone. and think about they contribution. even as leica’s suppliers (thought, don’t sure)

    on the past, you have 3 big considerations to make in terms of capture: a body, lenses, and film. today you need to change the bodies.

    the way of companies will be conservative it’s a matter of time. it’s a kind of “moral thing” (personal thought, obviously)

    jose luis

  9. david weaver says

    If there is a new product line from Nikon and they are going for medium format then that is great. Ir will finally put some competition into the digital medium format market.
    If you can use some existing Nikkon-mount lenses then you will stay loyal to the brand.
    Nikon will sell more glass specifically for the MX format.
    Nikon will sell a ton of these cameras.

    A turf war will start between MX users and Mamiya , Hasselblad users. I can see it now. All the arguments how something is better than the other. I can see H-blad users marketing that they use H-blads… hahahaha