Nikon’s BIG News

Something BIG is coming from Nikon.  In a not-so-subtle ad that Nikon placed in Rangerfinder Magazine, Nikon notes that it’s got some “BIG” news for wedding and portrait photographers, which it plans on bringing along the MGM Grand Arena at WPPI in February 2009.

Additionally, the ad reveals that Nikon will unveil the BIG news “next month.”  I can’t imagine that this boastful ad could be a reference to anything other than the 24+ megapixel Nikon D3x (or whatever it will be called) announcement at Photokina 2008, which will obviously be shown off to WPPI attendees at the BIG advertised event next February.

What do you think?

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. says

    I think it will NOT be the DX3, although that will be announced soon. I think the BIG they are referring to is a new Nikon digital interchangeable lens (Leica beware) rangefinder, possibly even full frame.

  2. Bill says

    I agree – this is in Rangefinder magazine…but nowhere else?

    Or it could be just another fraud perpetrated in an attempt to give lonely and bored internet-surfing gearheads some reason to keep breathing.

  3. Ibarra says

    Doubt if it’s a rangefinder. If it’s targeted towards studio photographers, I’m guessing a medium-format hybrid that’s not quite in the league of a Hasselblad H3D but more accessible to guys like me who’re eternally budget-constrained.