Win a Free Lens Rental

DPS and have teamed up to run a contest. The prize is a two-week rental of a DSLR lens — any lens that offers, with the exception of super telephoto lenses.

The contest is open to anyone living in the U.S. ( only ships to U.S. addresses and only offers in-person pickups in San Mateo and San Jose, California). All you have to do to enter is post a comment [Ed. on DPS’ website – link] with the lens you want to rent. A list of lenses is available on the website and the selection seems pretty decent. The winner will need to provide with a credit card number, ‘just in case.’

You can enter on DPS’ post announcing the contest.



  1. Thursday Bram says

    Woops! You guys will need to enter on the DPS contest page, linked to in my post. Thanks!

  2. name says

    official Nikon D90 photos are already circulating on the web and PB writes about the chance to win a lens that you will have to give back [sic]? cmon…

  3. says

    @name – Ouch. We got your D90 pics up now. ;-)

    @everyone else – Make sure you post your comments to DPS’ website for a chance to win the rental. Use the links in the post above.

  4. M says

    This is for the above poster. Its pretty obvious that you are posting messages all over message boards and are related to the business you listed. Why dont you just post a friendly saying letting us all know that you are in business. You have already been called out on a couple message boards with the “self promotional” advertising. Here is one in particular. Darren, the owner deleted your previous 3 comments that were all done by you with different names. Not a good way to promote a business as that is false advertising.

  5. says

    M – It’s not self promo. I have an open edit studio in the back of my shop and I allow customers to use the equipment back there. The posts from my location that is something that I didn’t monitor until some of this issues were brought to my attention.

    I have personally introduced myself on several forums/groups and do not agree with self promotion either. We cater more to local clients however try to meet the needs of anyone not in our area as well. The “posters” have been identified on my end and have been asked to stop as well.

    I hope this clears the air for you – Eric