Nikon D700 In Stock – Updated

The following vendors have the D700 in stock as of 9:50 p.m. ET.  This in-stock status was confirmed by an email that I received from the vendors.  The warn, however, that the supply is limited.

For the moment (8:09 p.m. ET), the Nikon D700 kit is in stock at B&H Photo. (Update – No longer showing in stock.) Unfortunately, the body only option is not available at B&H yet.

Here’s the links to B&H Photo:

It’s probably time to start perusing some of the other vendors too. Here’s PB’s collection of pre-order links to the Nikon D700:

For the latest Nikon D700 news and reviews, be sure to visit Photography Bay’s Nikon D700 Reviews and Resources.



  1. says

    My local dealer is getting 4 D700’s in around Aug 1 (he said perhaps a few days earlier as Nikon was releasing them into the U.S. market on July 25th) and I have my name on one of them, they will actually match B&H, not bad for B&M store

  2. chris says

    I jumped on an order while it was still in stock, but received an email this morning saying:

    “We regret to inform you that due to a system error the ordered merchandise is not in stock.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    You may leave your order active and we will ship your order as soon as the products become available, or you may cancel the order and receive a full refund.

    If you wish to cancel your order or to be updated on the status of your order, please call us at 800-221-5743/212-239-7765 or send an e-mail to Customer Service with your order number (see above).

    We regret this inconvenience and look forward to serving you in the future.”

    …so either they sold out quicker than their page could reflect, or it was an error entirely.

  3. says

    @chris – Thanks for the update. If you happen to give them a call, feel free to pass along any other info you learn.

  4. chris says


    I tried to cancel my B&H order after getting the above email and today received this message:

    “Dear Chris,

    We have worked diligently to answer your inquiry. Below you will find your answer. Please only reply to this message if you deem our answer to be unsatisfactory.

    Subject: Re: B&H Photo Order #XXXXXXXXXX

    Our Answer: The product is actually in stock. What happened is that we were not allowed by Nikon to sell it till today. We therefore Backordered all orders and released them today. Do you still want it to ship to you? We have placed your order on hold until you advise.”

    Also, I noticed their product page now shows both units “In Stock.”

    Get in while it’s good…