Nikon D700 on July 1st?

Jacobs Digital Photo and Video is touting a major announcement is coming on July 1st.

Everyone likes surprises, well we have one !! There will be a big surprise on the 1st July 2008, a major supplier will be announcing a brand new SLR. KEEP WATCHING !


This appears to confirm the prior rumors and speculation regarding an announcement from Nikon on July 1st. The rumors had previously been linked to a coming D3X; however, in light of the recent leaks, my money is on the Nikon D700. Additionally, note that Jacobs points out that “a” new SLR is coming, indicating only one new model, instead of the trio from Nikon we have been expecting. Perhaps Nikon will save something nice for Photokina 2008.

Also, I could always be wrong. Jacobs clearly has better info that I do at the moment, so maybe Canon has something up their sleeve with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II model? One things for sure, we’ve got about a week and a half to wait on the “surprise” announcement.



  1. A reader says

    I dont think any of the two big companies would wait with the anouncement of a new fullframe camera. The market is not saturated and the first one will get the bigger media and more sales.

  2. Matthew says

    Just spoken to jacobs digital. The d3x is being released and a prosumer model below the d300. This is likely to be the d90.

    What do you think about this?

  3. says

    @Matthew – Thanks for the comment.

    I think that’s pretty spectacular info if it is accurate. However, I find it hard to swallow that Jacobs would confirm the specifics of the big “surprise.” I’m not saying that you didn’t get this info from someone at Jacobs, but perhaps a sales person is doing a bit of guessing or maybe someone let something big slip that they weren’t supposed to…?

    Please follow up with any further details that you can provide. You certainly have our attention.

  4. Matthew says

    Hi. I had just bought my D300 from there, and when I saw this surprise I called them up to say I was disappointed as the sales person failed to mention the surprise to me; and I could of waited. They confirmed nothing is going to replace the D300. He confirmed a higher spec D3x and something below the D300. That is all the info I have.

  5. foos says

    i’ll believe it when i see it. supposedly the 5D II was rumored to be annouced in april and that has come and gone :(

    would be sweet if this D700 was for reals though. If so, why the jump in naming convention from D300 to D700? doesn’t leave room for future products.

  6. Altaaf says

    the d700 is targeted between the d3 and d300 with a d3 processor inside i have been told by a camera shop which is attending the july 1st announcement by Nikon.

  7. Nikhil says

    Hi All,

    I have been following this threads on the Nikon D700. Looks like lots of guys are speculating but there has to be some truth in the rumours – especially when a company like Nikon does not have any low cost Full Frame DSLR to compete with their arch rival Canon 5D model. Lets keep our fingers crossed & pray that these rumours become reality. I am sure all of us want that to hapen. Isnt It?