Nikon D10 Rumored Images

Nikon D10

A handful of purported Nikon D10 images have began to surface on the web.  Don’t get too excited though.  Every time a new product is rumored, several Photoshopped images follow suit.  If you followed any of the news and rumors leading up Apple’s recent introduction of the iPhone 3G, you get my drift here.

These two images, which were posted in the DP Review forums, don’t exactly exude credibility (especially the second image below); however, these are most certainly the first of many until a mid-grade full frame DSLR is announced by Nikon.  For more rumors and news, be sure to check out Photography Bay’s Nikon D10 page.

Nikon D10



  1. Mayur Gogoi says

    Yeah..I do not think the first image is fake!I saw one Pics of Nikon D90–but it looks fake some where in net!

    Hey readers Can we think a assembled DSLR like assembled PCs? –Think a fridge with Tv and a fixed door digicam–it will work as a security camera too!–

    But I think assembled Digicams are possible–You buy a waterproff and dust proof body and attach the circuit of nikon/canon with the sensor you want!

    Hey Nikon/Canon can we make this into reality???Then see all SLRs will be affordable–since we have to bye SLRs one by one as their new versions comes!Should we go buying and make the banks a capitalist King!!!

  2. TimR says

    Both are D700 cams with the D10 numbers photoshopped in different type stencils and 2nd D700 is underexposed to look jet black