Canon 5D Mark II and 3D Rumors Gone Wild

The rumor mill is in full swing across a variety of camera brands right now.  While I’m happy to pass them along, remember folks, these are still rumors.  I do my best to point you to the sources when I can find them. Additionally, there are a ton of rumors that I simply pass over because they are so obviously false.

Looking back at some of the comments made by Photography Bay readers on the Canon 5D Mark II rumor regarding a purported screenshot of a webpage (see here), I was almost certain that it’s a fake.  Additionally, I’m inclined to disregard the information that appeared with it.

However, I want to point out one additional observation.  A commenter going by the name “Phil” found what appears to be the source of the screen shot over at PBase (here’s the link).  Phil actually didn’t link to the 5D Mark II screenshot.  He linked to a screenshot of a Canon EOS 3D from (Canon Italy).  When I saw it, I figured I would post something a little later tonight; however, it’s gone now and the following message appears in it’s place:

The images have been removed.  We simply had to remove them.  Why?

Well, a very well-known lawyer sent us a long letter on behalf of an extremely irritated marketing department of a dreadfully famous company.

Guess what happened?

Well it seems we slightly messed up the plans they had for the launch of a product . . . sorry but it was not our fault.

Peace & be happy.

You can take it for what it’s worth.  Frankly, I don’t know if PBase’s message isn’t a worse marketing headache for Canon than the screenshot.  I was ready to write off the screenshot as a dummied up page by someone trying to stir the pot.  Now, I’m scratching my head a bit.  Also, the presence of this message on the Canon 3D screenshot page makes me wonder even more.  I’m still trying to dig up a cached image of the screenshot, but haven’t had any luck yet.

For now, you can keep up with the rumors on the Canon 5D Mark II Rumors page or the Canon 3D Rumors page.



  1. Marcel says

    Hmmm, the 3D and the 5DMkII appear to have almost identical specs (at least for all intents and purposes). Why would Canon bother with two cameras that are so close?
    I think they’d be better off making the 3D at a price point similar to Nikon’s D300 and the 5DMkII at about $4K.

  2. Marcel says

    I remember the guy on the forums a couple of months ago purporting to know everything about Canon, including their planned release dates. In response to him I say: So, here we are, the “big day” of April 24th has come and gone…still no new cameras.

    As these companies’ now make it a habit of announcing products months before they’re actually ready, I wouldn’t be surprised to see things stay quite quiet until much closer to Photokina. A product may be announced now but not be ready until summer, by which time buyers may be stalling to see what deluge of products come from Photokina. Anything announced between now and then might “get lost in the shuffle”-by the time it’s ready to actually sell, no one’s looking for it anymore – too many other new toys.
    But who really knows? It’s hard to know what goes through the collective minds of these companies.