EOS 5D Mark II Displayed on Canon Germany Website

UPDATE:  The Canon 5D Mark II has been officially announced.  Visit Photography Bay’s Canon 5D Mark II Reviews and Resources to learn more about this 21.1 megapixel DSLR.

Several trusted online vendors already have the Canon 5D Mark II available for pre-order.

Canon 5D Mark II (body only) – Amazon.com

Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm L lens – Amazon.com

Canon 5D Mark II (body only) – Adorama

Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm L lens – Adorama

Canon 5D Mark II (body only) – Ritz Camera

Stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Canon 5D Mark II Reviews and Resources for the latest.

This screenshot has popped up on web, which shows the Canon EOS 5D Mark II on the German version of Canon’s website.  The story goes that the camera appeared on the page for a little while and was then taken down.  There has been a number of debates in various forums regarding the authenticity of this screenshot.  I’m inclined to think that there may have been some Photoshopping done on it as well. Below, I’ve zoomed in and cut out the portion which references the 5D Mark II.

If you have any thoughts or insights on this screen capture, feel free to fire away in the comments below.

If you’d like to know more about rumors and speculations of the 5D Mk II, you can read up on it via Photography Bay’s Canon EOS 5D Mark II Rumor page.



  1. says

    This will be a great addition to my 5D with which I make my living. The 5D is already Canon’s best bang for your buck so this next model is going to be even more appealing to me. I’m buying it more for the antidust and speed then the resolution. My clients are quite happy with the results I provide for them.

    Giulio Sciorio

  2. says

    Must be a fake, or the guy writing the text next to it should be fired. That has definitely not been written by a professional copy writer. Maybe it was done by an intern…

  3. Peter says

    It looks like a fraud to me. And not a very well done one at that. The 5D thumbnail spreads a bit too far off to the right. It looks like the other cameras have 8 to 10px of space to the left of the checkbox, the 5D MK II image is well into the checkbox space.

    The specs sound just about right though. Same as the other rumors and fakes. :-)

  4. Ben says

    For what it’s worth, the websites of both B&H and Adorama -two major camera retailers- indicate that the 5D is “Out of Stock.” Yesterday, when I visited Calumet in Los Angeles, I was told that their store is currently sold out of the 5D. That information, combined with rumors of an imminent 5D Mark II announcement make me wonder; has there been a run on the 5D by full-frame enthusiasts, or have sales of the current 5D been intentionally halted in preparation for an upgrade?

  5. says

    A very good point by Peter. In the design the thumb differ from all the other ones, and that’s a bit too strange.
    With that said, I really hope the fake text is true ;-)

  6. says

    it’s fake.

    I’m german an Canon would never announce this camera as “small, lightweight, understated”, especially if they would use the same body as the 5D as shown in the picture.

  7. Jølle says

    Obviously a fake! Look at the photos of the cameras. All the others are clear and crisp, the 5 mk 2 is fuzzy, and is taken from a different (incorrect) angle.

    Want it to be true, though.

  8. Roland says

    for my german friend here:

    “EOS 5D – mit Vollformat-CMOS Sensor und ca. 12,8 Megapixeln! Klein, unauffällig, leicht, handlich und mit reichlicher Auflösungsreserve auch für anspruchsvolle Bildreportagen.”

    thats what you can read for the 5D at the moment…

  9. neutro says

    Something is rotten in the State of Denmark…
    I’d say it’s a fake. The text is kind of wierd, there’s a minor spelling error, and there are unusual expressions for that kind of product description. Also there might be punctuation errors.
    A company like Canon would have a professional write this…
    I wish it’ not be a fake though…

  10. Robbie says

    Me Being fluent in German, the description does mention the fact that it will be available as of June 2008. Not necessarily fake.

  11. says

    “EOS 5D Mark II – verfügbar ab Juni 2008
    Die EOS 5D Mark II mit Vollformat-CMOS Sensor mit 16 Megapixel. 6,5 Bilder pro Sekunde und innovativer DIGIC III Prozessor. Klein, unauffällig, leicht und handlich jedoch robuste, wetterfeste Konstruktion.”

    The whole text sounds weird to me. Not what I would expect from a professional copywriter. Especially the last sentence doesn’t sound good to me. There is a least one “.” or “,” missing, too.

    If the 5D II gets released I assume the text on the German website will not be the same. ;-)

  12. Sohail Wasif says

    Why would someone feel it necessary to take a screensnap of this if they actually saw it on an official website? This screensnap is most likely bogus, but the person concocting it had some pretty technically aligned hopefulness.

    Another fact is that the DIGIC IV chip is coming. The screensnap states that the annoucement is for the DIGIC III 5D Mark II. This is right off of of DPreview.com

    “Canon senior engineer, Taki Somoishe, stated today in Las Vegas that the new Mark III Ds will ship in November in time for Christmas season. A 22mp full frame sensor with a new high speed chip coded Digic IV model. The camera will have a burst rate of 7 frames per second. The camera will not have a view screen similar to the 10 frame D model. The Mark III Ds will capture images in Jpeg, Raw and now tiff. More info to be announced in March”

    see it here:


  13. pH says

    Hello, Text is very surprising for anyone fluent in German. It does not sound right. Call a full frame camera light etc… in this market segment is surprising. I’m a potential buyer, but do not want my 3.5k€ camera to be prised as “small en light-weight”…

    But, until Canon makes an announcement, we won’t know for sure, will we ?

    It’s hard to be patient, though …

    Cheers !


  14. says

    rumors, rumors, it’s unbelievable, we are all waiting this camera since months, and still nothing new..


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