Ricoh GR Digital II Reviews and Resources

ricoh gr digital ii

The Ricoh GR Digital II is a 10 megapixel premium point and shooter. It features a 4x digital zoom, an improved GR II image processor, improved battery life and adds a continuous shooting mode, among other improvements. The GR II comes in at a relatively pricey $600 street.



The GR Digital II is a cute compact camera that might appeal to street photographers looking to step away from a rangefinder and into digital, but doesn’t deliver the features, performance, or image quality it should given its steep price tag.

Steve’s Digicams

Image quality from the 10-megapixel GRD2 is outstanding. The exposure and saturation are excellent, and the color is very vivid.

Think Camera

The Ricoh GR DIGITAL II is a specialist camera – it’s not for everyone, but for everyday for those who fall for its unique charms. Once you get into the ‘old’ style way of working, the conversion lenses and the like, it’s an inspiring way of working that delivers great results.

Digital Camera Resource Page

Photo quality was generally good, though you’ll get the best results out of the GRD by shooting in RAW. The camera generally took well-exposed photos, with pleasing, vivid color. Ricoh has taken a conservative approach to in-camera sharpening, so images are on the soft side here.

Photo Review

Shots taken with the test camera were richly detailed with natural-looking colours and atypically restrained saturation for a digicam. Skin tones were particularly well rendered.

Where to Buy

First off, consider going to your local camera store (and I don’t necessarily mean Wolf Camera at the mall). By going to your local camera store, you’re supporting your community and you just might build a lasting relationship with people you can rely on when you need some help or answers. If you’re buying online, I recommend sticking with Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama. These three vendors are reliable, trustworthy and generally have the best (legitimate) prices.



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    I am interested in buying a GRDII. The revue above states that it has a 4X OPTICAL zoom yet the Adorama site calls it a digital zoom. Could you tell me which is correct. I was under the impression that this camera has a fixed 24mm prime lens.

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    Jeremy, You’re right, the zoom is digital. I’ve corrected the text accordingly. Thanks for pointing out the error.