No Canon 5D Mark II at PMA

There will be no Canon 5D replacement at PMA. While this is still a rumor, it comes from a reliable source that has been spot on with Canon announcements in the past. He called the Canon 40D prior to its release and the Canon Rebel XTi prior to its release, along with a summary/suggestion of the specs. With that in mind, I think looking toward Photokina this fall for a 5D replacement will be our best hope. (Source)

That said, I still feel pretty good about banking on a replacement to the Canon Rebel XTi (the 450D) for PMA.

I will keep following the Canon 5D Mark II rumors until it is released; however, unless the tide turns the other way, don’t expect too many more updates in the next week or so on this camera. You can follow the latest Canon 5D Mark II rumors on this post, which I constantly update.

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  1. […] Viele spekulieren derzeit um die Wette, dass eine neue 5D zur kommenden PMA 2008 vorgestellt werden könnte. Dagegen halten jene, die auf einen 36monatigen Produktzyklus verweisen, welchen Canon für Kameras dieser Klasse normalerweise verfolgt. Das hieße dann, dass zur Photokina in diesem Herbst erst die 5D-Nachfolgerin vorgestellt würde. Dies bestätigt auch der neueste Hinweis von PhotographyBay. […]