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Wesley Ringflash

The DIY Ringflash (as opposed to the $910 Bowens Ringflash) is really creating a stir on the internet nowadays.  I’m officially on the band wagon now. I invested about $5.00 on a trip to Wal-Mart the other night for a disposable casserole pan, 1 yard of white fabric and a plastic measuring cup. After about an hour or so of tinkering around while my wife watched Flip That House, I had a pretty effective little ringflash. It was inspired by Tanya Shields’ cheap DIY ringflash that I read about on Strobist last week.

Ringflash FrontRingflash Back

If you’ll click on the photos, you can see my notes that I placed on them via Flickr.

I can’t say that there’s really anything unique about my setup; however, here’s the details:

  • (1) quart-sized utility cup
  • (1) casserole disposable aluminum pan
  • (1) small sheet of white fabric
  • (1) roll of black tape
  • (1) scrap of cardboard from an envelope from


  • trace the bottom of the cup onto the pan
  • cut a hole in the middle of the pan along your outline
  • fit the cup in the hole an mark where to cut the bottom out
  • cut the bottom of the cup out at your mark
  • trace the end of your speedlight along the side of the pan
  • cut along your traced outline
  • wrap a piece of cardboard around the end of your speed light and secure it with tape (make sure you can get your flash in and out)
  • insert your flash with cardboard into the cutout on the side of the pan
  • secure the cardboard in the pan with tape
  • spray paint the exterior of the cup with flat white paint (this helps bounce the light around)
  • secure the cup (now a tube) into the pan with tape
  • mark the fabric on the lip of the cup
  • cut a hole in the fabric just smaller than the size of the cup’s opening
  • secure the fabric on the inside of the cup’s opening with tape
  • trim the fabric along the exterior of the pan (I also cut into the overlapped portions to keep it from bunching up when I tried to lay it down)
  • lay fabric down along the edges and secure with tape
  • insert your gear and go take some test shots

Ringflash Side

Dino Ringflash

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