More Canon 450D / Rebel XTs Rumors

In a post at the Photography on the Net forums, Spencer Boerup tells us his info (joke) on the followup to the Rebel XTi/400D:

It will be the Rebel XTs. Same sensor, 3″ screen, live-view, dust remover (already had in XTi), increased noise and DR performance (gaining of 2 stops more or so claims Canon), support for UDMA cards, Digic3, Canon wireless master built in, improved AF performance and 4 new cross sensors around the center AF point. Lastly from what I hear it should be priced at $599. Not too shabby.

Nothing more than that for now. I’ll try to keep up with the rumors over the next week or so, but it shouldn’t be long before we have some real info. The hub for all of the Canon 450D / Rebel XTs rumors is this page.

UPDATE 1/19/07:  While some folks do occasionally gather and leak real info, others like to kid around in the forums about the specs of new cameras.  Some specs are clearly jokes; however, others, like Spencer’s post aren’t so obviously bogus (especially considering Sony’s A200 price point).  Apparently, Spencer was just kidding (see his comment below).  You got me and several others on this one Spencer.  Congrats.

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