Canon to Announce Next DSLR on January 24

It seems that Robert Westin, VP for Canon Sweden, has spilled the beans on Canon’s upcoming Pre-PMA 2008 announcement. This article on (a Swedish site) quotes Westin regarding Canon’s 2007 performance and thoughts on the upcoming year. A little help from Google and some translation sites helped me read some of this stuff.

Key points:

1. Canon will announce the next big thing on January 24 – the week before PMA starts.

2. Canon will release more photo products in 2008 than 2007.

My Thoughts:

1. My money is on a Canon Rebel XTi replacement (aka 450D) being announced on January 24th. As I’ve said before, the Rebel XTi (aka 400D) is due for replacement – now at the end of its 18 month produce life cycle. Read more about this camera here.

2. If not announced alongside the 450D, the Canon 5D Mark II is sure to follow later this year. For all the reasons why I think this is the case, check out this page.

3. Something else may be coming too. Canon had three big ones for 2007 – the PowerShot G9, EOS 1Ds Mark III and EOS 40D. If he’s talking about more cameras, then we could be looking at a gap filler DSLR. 3D or 7D anyone?

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  1. Henrik B says

    Free translation of original article in Swedish:

    More news from Canon during 2008 than this year
    2007-12-14 13:30

    Canon will intensify their actions next year and promises to release more product during 2008 compared with 2007. We know when the new products of 2008 are going to be released.

    Despite many new camera models, 2007 was not the best year for Canon.
    – 2007 was a mediocre year, says Robert Westin, Managing Director at Canon Svenska [Swedish] AB. He does not blame the products but instead explains that Canon has introduce a new business system all over Europe.

    With this new system, a store in Iceland will pay the same as a store in Portugal. This means that you can transfer cameras and other products across Europe to where the demand is high.

    – I won’t say that our new system got well received. However, others will introduce similar systems, and we are the first in our industry to implement it. Our competitors will do the same within three to four years. Good luck to them then!, says Robert Westin.

    – Our chair [of the board] “consoled”[?] me by concluding that at least we increased the volume this year.

    News January 24
    The Swedish MD also say to Kamera & Bild that there will be some great product releases on January 24, just a few weeks before PMA in Las Vegas opens up.

    By: Magnus Fröderberg

  2. Bradley Groot says

    It’s becoming more and more clear that the camera that will be released is a new fullframe model at a 40d price. the new model will be the same as the rebel feature wise and build quality wise but with a fullframe sensor.


  1. […] We might see updates to both at PMA, given that Canon’s last freshly baked goods came out dualie style and the veep said Canon would be dropping more stuff next year than they did that year. whether you didn’t already ask Santa for a new DSLR for Christmas, it might pay off to wait a tick to see what Canon’s got up its sleeve. [Kamerabild via Photography Bay via Engadget] […]